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Student Spotlight: David Tribble

Explore David Tribble’s transformative journey with DSTI’s Applied MSc in Data Science & AI programme. From his Californian roots, which values constant reinvention, to his belief in data-driven futures, David details why he chose DSTI for its industry ties and practical approach. Discover his advice for prospective students and his perspective on embracing change.

Student Spotlight: Maher Sebai

Meet Maher Sebai, an alumnus from DSTI’s autumn 2018 Applied MSc in Data Science & AI programme, who transitioned from hunting circuit bugs to becoming a Senior Design Verification Engineer at Intel Mobile Communications. In his interview, he shares valuable insights on breaking into the data science field and why he chose DSTI for his career transition. Discover Maher’s journey and advice for prospective data science enthusiasts.

Student Spotlight: Marlena Kiszycka

Discover how Marlena transitioned from a career in sales to becoming a Junior Anti-Money Laundering Model Validator at Citibank Europe through DSTI’s Applied MSc in Data Science & AI. With a background in Modern Languages, her journey showcases the versatility and opportunities DSTI offers to students from various fields, opening doors to technical roles in renowned companies globally.

Student Spotlight: Yu-Hsuan Ting

Join Yu-Hsuan Ting in exploring the dynamic fields of data science and AI at DSTI. Coming from a business background, Yu-Hsuan successfully transitioned into a tech-savvy role through DSTI’s intensive training. She praises the hands-on learning experience, diverse student community, and the vibrant life in Paris. Discover a nurturing environment where every student is empowered to excel in the AI industry.

Student Spotlight: Shutima Potivorakun

With a rich background in IT, Shutima embarked on a transformative journey through the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI, driven by a belief in the transformative power of AI and big data. Now at GeoTwin in Paris, she applies knowledge garnered from the pivotal course on AWS Cloud Computing, among others. Shutima encourages prospective students to trust their instincts and embrace challenges in pursuit of career evolution.

Student Spotlight: Laurent Berder

Transitioning from a decade in Human Resources, Laurent found Data Science a logical next step, aligning with his expertise in HR systems and statistics. Now a data scientist with Sophia Engineering in Nice, he manages electric vehicle energy consumption models and refines CAN data. At DSTI, he acquired core data principles, fostering self-driven learning. Unpredictable yet open to skill progression, Laurent remains adaptable to future opportunities.

Student Spotlight: Adeshina O’Tayo

Drawn to deepen his understanding of Big Data computing following his experience with data explosion in Nigeria, Adeshina O’Tayo chose DSTI’s applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI, appreciating its practicality and ideal duration. Now immersed in enriching courses like Data Pipeline 1, he finds himself evolving, even developing a fondness for R language, previously unpreferred. As he eagerly anticipates what lies ahead, Adeshina advises prospective students to dive in headfirst, ready to actively engage with the intensive, technology-rich curriculum.

Student Spotlight: Manuel Gawert

After spotting a gap in comprehension between domains during his tenure at a Data Platform role at Mercedes-Benz, Manuel Gawert enrolled at DSTI to become adept in data engineering, aspiring to bridge this gap. Now, in a conducive learning environment at DSTI, he is eager to further his Python skills and aid the swift industrialisation of AI in the realm of autonomous driving after graduation, exemplifying a forward-thinking approach to career progression through perpetual learning.

Student Spotlight: Nelson Lopez

From a background in IT and music, Nelson Lopez now explores the data realm through DSTI’s Applied MSc in Data Analytics. Valuing the combination of his experience with new data skills, Nelson anticipates contributing significantly to future projects. Despite being new to the online learning environment, he praises DSTI’s comprehensive approach. Eager to face upcoming challenges in the data field, Nelson encourages prospective students to seize the opportunity at DSTI.

Student Spotlight: Nandini Shanthaveerappa

Nandini Shanthaveerappa, with 8 years of corporate experience and a Bachelor in Computer Applications, underscores the pivotal role of data in today’s tech landscape. Joining DSTI’s Applied MSc in Data Analytics, Nandini aims to harness the potential of Big Data for strategic decision-making. At DSTI, she’s immersed in a rich academic ecosystem, aligning innovation with industry demands, propelling her forward in the data-driven world.

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