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Career Opportunities and Support

Workforce for tomorrow

Would you like a job with a sense of purpose in the quickly evolving technology industry? We offer you the chance to develop and advance as a leader, ready to tackle future challenges.

Employers are seeking individuals who can make an immediate impact and progress to higher levels.

We work closely with multiple companies, gaining insight into their ethos, recruitment requirements and procedures to facilitate connections that will guide you towards informed career choices.

We support you in identifying and reaching your professional objectives.


of students get an internship within 6 months


admitted applicants find an apprenticeship position

EUR 28k to 35k

average salary range for Bachelor

EUR 45k to 70k

average salary range for MSc

Some of the employers our students received apprenticeship & internship offers from:

Career Support

Career Coaching

DSTI provides one-on-one career coaching sessions to students, assisting them in analysing their career situations and determining their professional objectives. By engaging with experienced coaches and alumni, students can develop a job search strategy tailored to specific industries and regions. Consequently, students are better equipped to approach their future career opportunities with clarity.

Job search assistance

DSTI offers support with job applications – from beginning to end. Both our Admissions & Direction of Studies offices reviews students’ resumes and cover letters & offers interview tips and job search strategies. Additionally, the Alumni Network of DSTI provides networking and professional development opportunities.

Industry connections

DSTI has connections with a wide range of companies in the data science and AI fields. We are constantly in touch with them to seek their requirements and provide them with the appropriate candidates needed for the job. Such collaboration provides students and alumni with opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, professional networking and jobs.

Career events

DSTI hosts career events throughout the year. Almost every month one to two companies present their relevant work or project to students so that interested candidates can get in touch with the company authorities for further opportunities.

Alumni network

DSTI has a large and active alumni network, providing networking opportunities and professional development opportunities. Our students work all over the world as evident by a simple Linkedin search.

What our students say about DSTI?

Job Prospects in France

If you are a data and AI professional, there are plenty of job opportunities available in France. The demand for skilled professionals in this field is rapidly increasing across various industries.

Typical Industries

Some of the main industries in France that are currently recruiting data and AI professionals include:

Technology companies

Technology giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and startups like BlaBlaCar and Algolia are hiring data and AI professionals to develop new algorithms, analyze large datasets, and drive innovation.

Financial services

Banks, insurance companies, and investment firms are also major employers of data and AI professionals in France. Companies such as BNP Paribas, Soci←t← G←n←rale, AXA, and Allianz are using data and AI to analyze financial data and develop new algorithms for trading and risk management.


The healthcare industry is a growing area for data and AI professionals in France. Hospitals and research institutions are using data and AI to analyze patient data, develop new treatments, and improve healthcare outcomes. Examples include Sanofi, Novartis, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Energy and utilities

The energy and utilities sector in France is recruiting data and AI professionals to optimize energy usage, develop new energy technologies, and improve energy efficiency. Companies like EDF, Engie, and Total are some of the leading players in this industry.

Transportation and logistics

Companies such as SNCF, Airbus, and Michelin are also hiring data and AI professionals to improve logistics and transportation services, optimize supply chain operations, and enhance customer experience.

Work Language in France

While knowing French is indisputably advantageous, it is not always necessary. Many international companies in France (being French or not) use English as their primary language for communication, and there are also plenty of start-ups and smaller firms that operate entirely in English. France has also many very large multinational companies, which were employing 6.6M people out of France in 2020 (INSEE study). However, having knowledge of French can help you stand out from other candidates and may be necessary for certain roles that involve working with French-speaking clients or partners.

Explore careers in Data and AI on 29 May 2024.

Attend two seperate Open Day sessions: one in English and another in French.

  • On-Campus and Online Modes
  • Interactive Sessions on careers in data and AI.
  • Socialise with current and future students.
  • Know the Admissions Process.