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Corporate Partnerships: Empower the Next Generation of Data and AI Leaders

Join us in shaping the future of technology by imparting best practices in data and AI to the bright minds of tomorrow. 

Support our mission to nurture the upcoming stars of the data realm. 

Discover and recruit top-tier data and AI professionals tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Shaping Tomorrow's Technological Leaders: DSTI's Vision in STEM Education

At DSTI – School of Engineering, our core mission is to offer premier STEM education focused on data science, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, preparing our students to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow’s digital era. By integrating scientific, mathematical, and technological expertise in our academic programmes, we aim to equip future data experts with the skills to address today’s complex challenges.

In this endeavour, corporate relations are integral to our vision, enabling real-world experience for students, and support through scholarships and post-graduation employment opportunities. These partnerships not only enhance our curriculum with the latest industry insights but also prepare our students to excel as the data world’s emerging talents.

Empowering Innovation through Talent and Diversity at DSTI

Nurturing Exceptional Talent

At DSTI, we welcome students from diverse academic backgrounds globally, ensuring they possess the excellence and determination to thrive. For those with unconventional backgrounds, our robust entry exam assesses their capability to tackle our demanding courses. Success in an admission interview is a final step, guaranteeing a cohort equipped for our rigorous curriculum.

A Blend of Ideas and Cultures

DSTI’s meticulous recruitment process fosters a vibrant mix of nationalities and professional experiences. This diversity cultivates enhanced collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity, equipping students to excel in a global work environment and make significant contributions to their fields.

Corporate Engagements

Hosting guest lectures or workshops to share industry insights

DSTI frequently invites technology companies to share their pioneering projects and initiatives in areas such as data science, data engineering, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. These sessions not only provide invaluable industry insights to our students but also allow companies to scout for top talent for internships or full-time positions. Through collaboration with DSTI, companies contribute to the curriculum by delivering lectures on the latest advancements, ensuring students are at the cutting edge of technological developments.

Collaborating on class projects

DSTI partners with various companies to offer students real-world problems to solve using specific technologies. These projects serve as assessments for different courses, giving students the opportunity to tackle genuine industry challenges. This collaboration benefits both students, by exposing them to practical problem-solving, and companies, by providing them with diverse solutions to their issues.

Offering internships or job opportunities to students and alumni

DSTI offers a robust network for career advancement through our exclusive internal job portals. We actively connect companies with our talented students and alumni, tailored to their recruitment needs. With two intakes, in April and October, DSTI provides flexible hiring options:


Available from January or July, aligning with student availability.

A unique blend of academic and professional development, offered primarily to EU students or non-EU students with a long-term visa, following a 2-week study and 3-week work model, exclusively in France.

An invitation for companies to recruit top-tier data professionals from DSTI.

Career Support

At DSTI, we are deeply committed to the professional success of our students and alumni. Our dedicated Career Support Service plays a pivotal role in this journey, offering personalised guidance and resources to enhance employability. From crafting a compelling CV to mastering job interviews and networking effectively, our support extends beyond the classroom to ensure our graduates are industry-ready. We pride ourselves on fostering strong relationships with leading companies and organisations, providing a direct pathway to internships and job opportunities in the data science and AI sectors.

Logo Fondation DST

DST Foundation

At DSTI, we firmly believe that education should be accessible to all, regardless of financial barriers. Our vision is to offer exceptional learning opportunities to all students with a passion for computer science and artificial intelligence, regardless of their socio-economic background.

Objectives of the DST Foundation


The DST Foundation aims to offer meritocratic and inclusive scholarships. These scholarships will enable bright but financially limited minds to access quality education by joining DSTI.

Help for students in difficulty

We are committed to supporting students who encounter financial or personal difficulties during their studies. The Foundation will give them the support they need to overcome these obstacles and focus on their academic success.

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