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Student Spotlight: Nandini Shanthaveerappa

After obtaining a Bachelor of Computer Application and 8 years working for various global banking and financial clients,  Nandini realised the importance of data and its value in strategic decision-making.

Convinced that data analytics has the answer to meet tomorrow’s challenges, Nandini Shanthaveerappa joined the Applied MSc in Data Analytics to advance in her career.

Tell us more about your background.

In 2012, I obtained my Bachelor of Computer Applications from Kuvempu University in India. I worked for 8 years in corporate real estate and IT companies as a Business Analyst, Data Administrator and PMO Analyst for various global banking and financial clients. I have worked closely with the business heads and stake holders to communicate data-driven insights to understand the data and use it in making strategic business decisions.

I am now a Data enthusiast looking forward to further refining my knowledge and skills through the Applied MSc in Data Analytics. I believe in continuous learning and this programme provides the perfect environment to gain specialised knowledge to advance in my career.

Why did you enrol in the Applied MSc in Data Analytics?

In today’s ever-changing world, technology is evolving and changing really fast but what is important to note is that Data is what key technologies are revolving around. Big Data is all set to become the next big thing for the future of the computing world. Every industry will be in need of a Data Analytics approach to run the business better.

As the world is increasingly turning into a digital workspace, Data Analytics has the answer to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

I realised my keen interest towards Data Management and analysis ever since my first introduction to Computing and related technologies.

How would you describe your experience at DSTI?

Like thousands of other aspiring students, I wanted to pursue my higher education at DSTI as it is an institute that is well-recognised and maintains the utmost standards of education. DSTI is the 1st applied school in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data in France and it stands out as my foremost preference for an Applied MSc in Data Analytics.

A key aspect of education at DSTI is the quality of the courses and it is at the forefront of new technology and innovations. Also, it carries a legacy of working closely with industries.

I see this as an opportunity to experience an environment that brings together researchers from different faculties at DSTI and exposure to extensive commercial research.

Do you have any advice for students who would like to join the Applied MSc in Data Analytics at DSTI?

Welcome to DSTI! DSTI offers great support for students with continuous engagement and constant assistance. You will experience a corporate culture where students are considered as colleagues and professors as mentors. DSTI’s Data Analytics programme structure is very precise for the job market and helps you develop adequate knowledge to meet the current industry expectations.

Nandini Shanthaveerappa

Nandini Shanthaveerappa

Risk Reporting - Morgan Stanley


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