Student Spotlight: Marlena Kiszycka

Soon after her high school graduation in Poland, she decided to undertake studies in Italy and immerse herself completely in an entirely new cultural setting.

She got her Master’s Degree in Modern Languages for International Communication, at the Università degli Studi di Padova. However, she always had a strong interest for scientific fields like mathematics.

Marlena started working in sales that helped her improve her self-confidence. In autumn 2018, she joined the Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence.

Today, Marlena is Junior Anti-Money Laundering Model Validator at Citibank Europe.

Why did you decide to change your career field to
Data Science?

I’ve grown my interest in Data Science for the last two years. Working in sales, you must deal with a lot of data, I would say even Big Data, but can we really take useful insights from them without proper tools? I started learning mathematics, including statistics, probabilities as well as some basic programming.

Why did you choose to follow the Data Science programme on-campus in Paris?

It’s very technical field and the Master’s level programme is very intensive. It covers advanced-level content, so I found it useful and helpful being able to study on-campus with other students. To be honest, I’ve never thought I would have such wonderful people in my class. I’m also eager to learn French so I think it can be easier to do it being here in Paris.

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