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Admissions and Finances – Applied Bachelor

DSTI’s admission process is inclusive, offering a fair opportunity to suitable applicants. Furthermore, a range of financial assistance options are available to students.

We are accepting applications for Autumn 24 intake.

Application Deadline: 31 July 2024

Date of Commencement: 18 October 2024

Admissions for Bachelor


To be considered for the DSTI’s Bachelor programme, candidates must meet the following criteria:

To be considered for admission in Applied Bachelor at Data ScienceTech Institute based on secondary education and baccalaureate results, students must meet the following criteria:

In the first year (Première)

For students enrolled in the General & Technological Baccalaureate Track during their first year (Première), we require an Annual Average Grade of 12/20 or above in each of the following subjects.

  • Scientific Teaching
  • French
  • History-Geography
  • English
In the final year (Terminale)

In the final year (Terminale), we require students to have average grades of 12/20 or above at the time of application and to maintain this standard upon obtaining their baccalaureate. Additionally, a minimum of two acceptable specialisations is required in each of the following tracks.

General Track
  • Mathematics
  • Physics-Chemistry
  • Digital and Computer Sciences
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Life and Earth Sciences
Technological Track

“Sciences and Technologies of Industry and Sustainable Development (STI2D)” series

  • Physics-Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Engineering, Innovation, and Sustainable Development


“Sciences and Technologies of the Laboratory (STL)” series

  • Physics-Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Biochemistry-Biology


“Sciences and Technologies of Design and Applied Arts (STD2A)” series

  • Physics-Chemistry
  • Digital Tools and Languages


The Professional Baccalaureate is generally not considered suitable for admission.

We will examine applications on a case-by-case basis, looking for equivalence to the criteria mentioned for secondary education in France.

In the case of Francophone countries that have retained, in their general tracks, the old ES, L, & S series, the scientific S track (regardless of the option) will be favoured, followed by the ES track with a mathematics option.

Prospective students are required to successfully pass an admission interview to be considered for acceptance into the Bachelor programme.

Admission Process

The admission procedure for the Data ScienceTech Institute (DSTI) is a thorough process that provides a fair chance to all eligible candidates.

Step 1: Research

We recommend researching our Applied Bachelor programme to find the right fit for you. An online consultation with our team can help with your decision and provide information on tuition fees.

Step 2: Application

The application procedure is carried out via an online platform, and we will review the suitability of your application. You will be required to upload the customary registration documents, including identification papers, your CV, academic records, and a cover letter.

Step 3: Admission Interview

If your application is accepted, we will invite you for an admission interview, which will last approximately 20 minutes. During the interview, students will be questioned to verify their interest and ability to take up the courses they have applied for.

Step 4: Official Admission Decision

Upon completion of the admission process, you will be notified of your official admission decision, which may result in one of three outcomes:

This outcome is for students who have met all admission criteria without any issues.

Conditional admission is for students who may not meet one admission criteria but are given extra time by the institute to enhance a specific skill or submit required paperwork.

DSTI may reject an application if it doesn’t meet the cohort’s admission criteria. This is not personal bias. Students are encouraged to reapply after enhancing their profile.

Tuition Fees for Applied Bachelor


Second year

Third year


€ 7,600

€ 8,400*

€ 0





Fees bore by


*Students/Parents/Company for apprenticeship

Company for apprenticeship

Students who need a French student visa

Should your visa be denied and you choose to withdraw your application, we’ll refund your tuition fees, excluding a 10% of tuition fees deposit for application, administration and management.

We are accepting applications for Autumn 24 intake.

Application Deadline: 31 July 2024

Date of Commencement: 18 October 2024

Financial Resources and Aid

There are multiple ways students and parents can arrange for tuition fees. Here are some of the ways one can manage their finances.

CROUS Scholarships

The French government offers need-based scholarships to students through the Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS). These scholarships are intended to cover a portion of the student’s living expenses, including housing, meals, and healthcare.

Student Loans

French students can apply for low-interest student loans from various banks and financial institutions. These loans can cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other education-related costs.


Students in France can participate in work-study programs or apprenticeships, which allow them to work part-time while pursuing their degrees. These programs provide students with valuable work experience and a way to finance their education.

DSTI offers optional apprenticeships in the second year while in the third year, apprenticeship is mandatory.

Family Support

Many students in France receive financial support from their families to finance their education. This can take the form of a monthly allowance or a one-time payment to cover tuition fees.

Book One on One Online Meeting with DSTI

At DSTI, we provide one-on-one online meetings with prospective students. Here we answer all their questions regarding our Applied Bachelors and Applied MSc courses.

Join DSTI's Weekly Online Group Meetings (English)

At DSTI, we organize online group meetings where we share valuable information about our selection of Applied Bachelors and Applied MSc courses in data and AI.

Join DSTI's Weekly Online Group Meetings (in French)

DSTI organizes online group meetings to provide information about our range of Applied Bachelor and Applied MSc programs in data and AI.

Open House Sessions at DSTI Paris Campus

Every Wednesday from 2PM to 6PM CEST, DSTI’s Paris Campus hosts an open day for all, no appointment necessary. Inquiries regarding admission, courses or other related topics are welcomed. We are delighted to provide answers to your questions.

Explore careers in Data and AI on 13 March 2024.

Attend two seperate sessions. One for Applied MSc and another for Applied Bachelor.

  • On-Campus and Online Modes
  • Interactive Sessions on careers in data and AI.
  • Learn more about professors.
  • Know the Admissions Process.