Student Spotlight: Laurent Berder

Before studying at DSTI, Laurent used to have a different job, as he had been working in Human Resources for about 10 years. For years, he had responsibilities in HR Information Systems and HR statistics, so when he decided to change to a more technical career, he thought Data Science made sense in a continuity of his experiences in IT and statistics.

What’s your current job position?

I am a data scientist at Sophia Engineering in Nice. I am in charge of the modelisation of electric vehicles’ energy consumption based on forecoming journey and the extraction and analysis of vehicle CAN data. I am also responsible deal with the call to API for journey planning, data contextualization and enrichment. Other missions include modeling and forecasting, and developing a GUI application to use predictions on real-world road journeys.

How did DSTI helped you achieving your goals?

DSTI helped me in many ways! I learned the principles of data handling, machine learning and deep learning. But most of all, I gained the general culture on the subject, which means I have the necessary understanding to find ways to improve my knowledge even further. This is the reason why the program encourages us to learn so much background theories, and not just how to use black-box tools.

Where do you see yourself working in 5 years?

Five years ago, if anyone had asked me this question, there was no way I could have predicted where I am now, so far from my previous roles. I do not make long term plans, and will take opportunities of progressing in skills as they present themselves to me.

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