Student Spotlight: Adeshina O’Tayo

Adeshina O’Tayo joined the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI on the campus of Sophia-Antipolis. Before DSTI, he occupied different job positions in Nigeria such as ETL Developer, DevOp Engineer and Application life-cycle Manager.

Adeshina O’Tayo

What compelled you to return to school and pursue a graduate education?

I have always desired to establishe myself as a renowned and resourceful data expert. I had the opportunity to be exposed to both structured and unstructured data, log files and terabytes of transactional data that begs us to draw insight from. We made important gains but were frustrated at how difficult it was to cope with our data explosion. Therefore, I began looking for a programme that would increase my depth of understanding in the real world of Big Data Computing.

Why did you choose the Applied MSc Data Engineering for AI?

DSTI was referred to me by an alumnus and I myself recommended it to five of my friends. I liked the fact that it is an applied programme, by having both the theory and the practical. The lenght of the Applied MSc is perfect for me – not too long and allowing me to learn French at the same time.

Is there a course that you would like to spotlight?

I have enjoyed every bit of the Data Pipeline 1 course. The structure, content and the way Professor Catherine Malot is teaching is impeccable. She delivered abstract XML concepts in an easy way to understand. I am looking forward to Data pipeline 2, although I will keep some glucose next to me for my body’s energy.

What new skills have you learned since beginning of the programme?

The computer systems course has helped me increase my knowledge of the Unix World as I have a Windows background. Working with Big Data involves complex computation in the Linux environment. Even though I was not a big fan of R as a language, the teacher helped me change my opinion and to understand it.

Do you have any advice for students who would like to join the Applied MSc in Data Engineering?

The Applied MSc programme is interesting and very intensive. There are plenty of technology stack to keep up with, so I would advise to settle down as quickly as possible and get your “hands dirty” on the job.

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