Student Spotlight: Manuel Gawert

Manuel Gawert started his career in 2015 with the Dual Studies “International Management for Business and IT” at Mercedes-Benz AG. In Germany, Dual Studies is a concept provided mostly by big enterprises that allows you to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree while being already working at that company. 

Manuel Gawert

After he finished this programme, he started working in the field of Autonomous Driving Development. More specifically, he was the Product Owner of a team that setup the Data Platform for storing and processing Vehicle Measurement Data.

What compelled you to return to school and pursue a graduate education?

As the Product Owner of that Data Platform, I was working closely with Data Scientists. I realised that there is a gap in understanding each other’s domain of expertise. People that understand how to efficiently scale Machine Learning Applications over a large Data Storage and Processing Platform are currently still very rare.

Why did you enrol in the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI?

I think that Data Engineers can best help closing that gap. The key competency of a Data Engineer is be the ability to industrialise Machine Learning Applications.

What new skills have you learned since beginning of the programme?

In the past few weeks, I was already able to improve my coding skills in Python. I am looking forward to the Python Machine Learning Project where Data Scientists and Data Engineers will work together to develop Machine Learning Applications.

Describe your experience as a full-time student at DSTI?

So far, the experience is really great. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, we were able to come on the campus and meet the other students and teachers. Moreover, the technical equipment of DSTI is amazing so that we are able to connect with online students at ease.

What are your future aspirations for your career?

I hope that I can use the newly acquired knowledge to speed up the Industrialization of AI in the field of Autonomous Driving.

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