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Student Spotlight: Jason NSIMBA

After obtaining his master’s degree in geophysics-geotechnics, Jason decided to pursue a specialisation in data analysis, a field he has a real interest in.

In order to combine knowledge and work experience, he chose to follow the Applied MSc in Data Analytics programme on apprenticeship.

Can you tell us more about your background before applying at DSTI?

Before DSTI, I studied Earth Sciences at Sorbonne University. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Geosciences, and after that, because I was more interested in a career in companies rather than a career in research, I completed a Geophysics-Geotechnics master’s degree. During the first year of this master’s degree, I had a course in Data analysis, and I knew it was something that I would be able to do for many years. Thus, I decided to finish my master’s first and after that, find an opportunity to work as a Statistician or something linked. Then, during my research, I found DSTI and the Applied MSc in Data Analytics which I applied to.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship learning mode?

I chose the apprenticeship learning mode because, after five years at university, I wanted to work and leave my student’s life at last. However, I wanted to learn more about data analysis and develop skills too, in order to work in Data later. The right compromise was to choose the apprenticeship’s way. Before, my biggest professional experience was my end-of-studies internship, but now, thanks to this choice of apprenticeship, I’m accumulating experience, which will make my professional insertion easier at the end of the Applied MSc.

How did you find your company?

At the end of my last internship, the CEO brought me an offer from another company when he knew that I wanted to pursue the Applied MSc in Data Analytics at DSTI.

What are your missions in your company?

In my company, I’m in charge of structuring databases to analyse them afterwards. Then, by analysing them, the final goal is to determine consumers’ profiles to help companies understand their customers.

How would you describe your experience at DSTI so far?

DSTI’s employees are very friendly and respectful. They want the best for their students, and we can feel it. Moreover, the school allows students to follow courses online due to high-quality materials. The courses are interesting and taught from scratch, giving the opportunity to students coming from other fields like me to get strong foundations in data.

Picture of Jason Simba

Jason Simba

Consultant Digital & Data at CGI


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