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SPOC Student Testimonial: Sudhir Gupta

Desiring to pursue training in the realm of Data Science yet unwilling to resign from his role at NextPlan, Sudhir Gupta opted for the Applied MSc in Data Science & AI through SPOC mode, which ideally met his requirements. He reflects on his journey and offers his testimony regarding this self-directed learning method crafted for professionals.

I am happy to give a testimonial as a SPOC student with DSTI.

My first interaction with DSTI was when I enquired about the admission process. I was readily given some details about the written test. Then I had an interview over Skype with the Vice-Dean of the institute. The whole process was simple and thorough. I was coming back to academics after a gap of 18 years. All my nerves were settled in that interview. Everything was designed to make me succeed as a student and to make me realize what I knew and how aligned and useful it was with regard to the course. It left me excited and eager to begin the course.

After a couple of months into my course, I was engrossed in my work. I was unable to study and take an exam for one of the subjects. I had a meeting with Jennifer and she helped in find the right time for giving my exam. Again, everything is designed to help me succeed as a student.

The degree course content and structure have been simple and very effective, enough to make me understand the basics of AI/ML and build a strong foundation. It has helped me understand the subject and helped me deal with its complexities.
Again, everything is designed to make me succeed. I would strongly recommend the SPOC course to working professionals,  especially ones who want some flexibility and at the same time want the benefits of a thoroughly designed and well-imparted degree course in AI/ML.

Thank you DSTI, for giving me this opportunity.

Picture of Sudhir Gupta

Sudhir Gupta

SPOC Student, DSTI


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