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Shraddha Lokhande – DE student spotlight

After seven years as an application developer, Shraddha joined DSTI to follow the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI. 

Her background, why DSTI and the choice of Data Engineering programme, the missions she is in charge of in her company… here is the spotlight on Shraddha Lokhande, a data engineering student at DSTI.

Can you tell us more about your background before applying at DSTI?

Before joining DSTI, I spent seven years as an application developer. I started with mobile app development and gradually progressed to backend programming, where I primarily worked with Microservices, REST APIs, Spring Batch, Spring MVC,
Event Driven Architecture and other technologies. Later, I began seeking for a change as well as a short sabbatical from employment to further my education. I was already mostly engaged with data. I opted to pursue a master’s degree, which will
coincide with my expertise and allow me to return to work sooner.

Why did you enroll in the Applied M.Sc. in Data Engineering for AI?

I chose DSTI because it is widely recognized as Europe’s leading data science institute. But how did I decide to pursue data engineering? If you’re looking for an honest answer, I’d say accidentally. I, too, thought data science was interesting and engaging, but I soon discovered that I’m a better engineer than a statistician. I looked into all of the courses in the program for data engineering. This program appears to have been designed with modern technology in mind. Big Data, DevOps, Data Pipeline, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence were the most prominent topics. It encompassed all of the competencies necessary for working in a technical organization in the modern day. It seemed to be the best fit. Hence, I decided to pursue Applied M.Sc. in Data Engineering for Artificial Intelligence, which turned out to be the wisest decision I made at the time.

How would you describe your experience at DSTI?

DSTI has been an unforgettable experience for me. Despite the fact that I was an experienced engineer, there were a plethora of learning opportunities. The Data Engineering course was a good blend of fundamental and advanced technology. Additionally, I was quite pleased with the teaching and support staff at DSTI. Besides this, DSTI is a diverse global institute. I met a lot of intelligent and brilliant individuals from various ages, which has been motivating by and of itself. Many of the students had a deep understanding of various industries, and having them as my classmates was indeed an incredible experience. My overall DSTI experience gave me the feeling that my career path is progressing in the right direction.

How is your career going since, and what are your future aspirations?

I first became familiar with cloud technology at DSTI, where my career is currently doing really well. The cloud course provided me with the fundamental knowledge I needed to launch a career in the cloud. I am currently employed with Google Cloud as a Cloud Data Architect. As a Data Architect, I typically work on shifting Google’s clients’ massive data workloads to Google Cloud, and that’s where DSTI courses such as Data Pipeline, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and DevOps come in handy.

Do you have any advice for students who would like to join the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI at DSTI?

As an experienced engineer, courses like SQL Wrangling and Python boosted my conceptual grasp. Advanced lessons taught me the essential skills for modern technologies. Keep an open mind, since even if you believe you know most of the stuff, you will be surprised to learn a lot of new things. This is something I would recommend doing. Most importantly, don’t forget to put in your own work. Also, remember to have fun with your classmates and take full advantage of DSTI’s diverse and rich culture.

Picture of Shraddha Lokhande

Shraddha Lokhande

Technical Account Manager at Google LLC


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