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Mohamed Dhmine – Apprentice student spotlight

After graduating with his master’s degree in Applied Mathematics Data Science at Aix Marseille University, Mohamed joined DSTI to follow the Applied MSc in Data Science and AI in the apprenticeship learning mode.

His background, why DSTI and the choice of apprenticeship, the missions he is in charge of in his company… here is the spotlight on Mohamed Dhmine, an apprentice student at DSTI.

Can you tell us more about your background before applying at DSTI?

After graduating as valedictorian with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, and business intelligence at the University of Lille, I joined the University of Aix Marseille for a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics Data Science. Today I am doing the Applied MSc in Data Science at DSTI.

Why did you choose the apprenticeship learning mode?

I chose the apprenticeship learning mode because it is an excellent way of gaining work experience while continuing to study and learn. It also gives us the opportunity to put into practice what we see in class and to get direct feedback from the employer.

How did you find your company?

I found it in the most classic way possible, which is to apply and apply everywhere. We also get offers from the DSTI team and CFA Afia. After an interview followed by a test, I was taken on by my company.

What are your missions in your company?

At web2Roi, my main mission is to be the data referent within the company. This means that I have to collect and analyse data like a data analyst, I also have to build machine learning and deep learning algorithms for prediction. Also, I am sometimes required to conduct audits on clients’ data in order to make recommendations.

How would you describe your experience at DSTI so far?

My experience is excellent. Nothing to say about the professionalism and the quality of teaching in the school. Also, I was surprised by the facilities on the campus, especially the connected digital boards which make it easier for us to follow the courses and especially at a distance.


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