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Our Study Modes range: a complete guide on DSTI hyper-flexibility

I am a current student

I'm looking for further my current level, in undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.
I am likely to be under 30.

I am a professional

I'm looking to upskill and/or reroute my career at postgraduate level.
I am likely to be 30 and above.

An introduction to DSTI study modes

Embark on your educational journey with Data ScienceTech Institute and discover the array of study modes designed to suit your unique needs and aspirations. Whether you’re stepping straight out of high school or are a seasoned professional seeking to upgrade or pivot your career, we have tailored learning experiences that cater to your specific circumstances.

  1. Initial Education: Tailored for current students transitioning from high school or university, typically under the age of 30, these study modes are crafted to shape you into proficient data scientists, engineers, or analysts. Two study rhythms are available:
    1. Fulltime: Engage fully in your studies with comprehensive fulltime modes, involving end of year/end of programme internships.
    2. Part-time Apprenticeship: Balance academic theory and practical experience with our programmes in part-time apprenticeship mode (in France only, see conditions below).
  1. Continuing Education: Tailored for professionals, typically aged 30 and above, these study modes allow you to upskill or pivot your career while balancing professional commitments. Available only for Applied MSc programmes, the following modes are offered:
    1. Blended Learning: freedom of both online and face-to-face learning, linear or asynchronous, this mode offers two rhythms:
      1. Accelerated Pace: Fast-track your learning in nine months followed by a six-month mandatory internship or equivalent full-time job.
      2. Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC): This hyper-flexible mode allows you to complete your programme at your own pace within a duration suited to your own progression.
    2. Part-time Sandwich: This mode allows over-30s to “learn while you earn”, splitting your time between academic studies and professional work (in France only, see conditions below).

Each mode, regardless of the pace or delivery method, ensures the same rigorous coursework, assessments, and recognition of degree upon successful completion. At DSTI, we ensure that flexibility does not compromise the quality of your education. Embrace the future of data sciences and AI engineering with DSTI’s diverse study modes.

In all these modes, except for SPOC, students have the freedom to engage in live classes from our two campuses in Nice Sophia-Antipolis & Paris, or virtually from anywhere with a compatible time zone. DSTI operates daily as a global school: our faculty teaches from a specific campus, and students participate from wherever their circumstances permit. This way, we ensure that our diverse study modes not only provide flexible learning opportunities but also a truly international educational experience.

Initial Education

Fulltime studies

The traditional way of Higher Education
In France & anywhere in the world

Part-time Apprenticeship studies

The New Kid on the Higher Ed Block
In France only
In France

Initial Education - Fulltime Mode

Initial Education - Fulltime Mode

Perfectly suited for students in initial education, the fulltime mode immerses you completely in the world of data sciences and AI. Available for our Bachelor and MSc programmes, you can choose between an “on-campus” mode, at our Nice Sophia-Antipolis and Paris campuses, or “off-campus” (online), in real time, from any location with a compatible time zone. Our direction of studies team provides regular and personalised follow-up on your progress.

Furthermore, this mode of study includes internships at the end of the year or programme, allowing you to gain valuable practical experience in addition to your theoretical knowledge.

By choosing the fulltime mode, you immerse yourself in the DSTI ecosystem, regularly interacting with our dedicated faculty and classmates, thereby fostering a rich and collaborative learning experience. Thanks to this intensive pathway, you will be fully prepared to tackle the challenges of the data sciences and AI fields upon graduation.

DSTI Applied Bachelor Student

Applied Bachelor 3-year Programme – Fulltime Mode

DSTI Applied Bachelor Student

Applied Bachelor 3-year Programme – Fulltime Mode

In the first year of our Applied Bachelor in Data & Cloud Engineering programme, students dive head-first into computer engineering and information systems concepts and technologies for “data & IA” applications. In a full-time classroom environment, you’ll explore foundational principles and gain a solid grounding in your chosen field. The year culminates with an eight-week internship, providing a practical taste of the industry and an opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge.

In your second year, flexibility is key. You have the option* to continue in full-time mode or transition to our apprenticeship mode. Should you choose to continue full-time, another eight-week internship concludes the second year, further enriching your practical experience in data science and AI.
* DSTI Direction of Studies will assess the readiness of students wanting to start an apprenticeship, with respect to academic results and the necessary maturity level for joining a company.

The final year of the Applied Bachelor programme is designed with a hands-on approach in mind and is exclusively conducted in apprenticeship mode. This allows you to master your skills while gaining valuable work experience in the field.

DSTI Initial Education Fulltime Masters Students

Applied MSc 2-year Programmes – Fulltime Mode

DSTI Initial Education Fulltime Masters Students

Applied MSc 2-year Programmes – Fulltime Mode

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of data science with DSTI Applied MSc programmes. Available in Data Science & AI, Data Engineering for AI, and Data Analytics, these two-year full-time programmes empower you with a deep understanding of data science principles and practical technological skills necessary for a successful career in the field.

In the first year, you’ll deeply engage with your chosen specialisation, mastering both the scientific theories and technical tools integral to data science. An optional internship provides an opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge in real-world settings, allowing you to gain practical experience in the industry.

The second year further expands your scientific understanding and technical prowess, culminating in a mandatory six-month internship. This hands-on experience in the industry not only reinforces the skills you’ve acquired but also provides valuable exposure to the professional landscape of data science.

Whether you’re learning on-campus or off-campus (online in a compatible time zone), our Applied MSc programmes ensure active, real-time participation in classes. This allows you to interact with our esteemed faculty and diverse student body, whether you’re studying in Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Paris, or anywhere in the world. With DSTI’s Applied MSc programmes in fulltime mode, you’re set to embrace a globally recognised Masters’ level education, tailored to your lifestyle and aspirations.

Initial Education - Part-Time Apprenticeship Mode
(in partnership with CFA AFIA)

Initial Education - Part-Time Apprenticeship Mode
(in partnership with CFA AFIA)

You are under 30, an EU/EEA citizen (or already in France and long-stay visa holder) and a French speaker*? Embrace an exciting journey with the part-time apprenticeship studies at DSTI. This unique mode of study offers an unrivalled opportunity to delve into the data sciences while gaining practical, on-the-job experience, thereby significantly accelerating your professional maturity and employability.
*Some companies may recruit non-French speakers, but it’s a rare occurrence

Apprenticeship schemes in higher education, particularly within data science curricula, seamlessly blend academic instruction with real-world industry experience. By uniting classroom learning with hands-on work in a company setting, students cultivate a profound understanding of both theoretical concepts and their practical applications. This symbiosis doesn’t just enrich the learning process, but it also equips students with a competitive edge in the job market and the ability to foster valuable professional networks.

A real benefit of apprenticeship schemes lies in the financial support they provide. Tuition fees are fully covered, and students receive a salary from their host companies. This alleviates financial concerns, allowing students to focus entirely on their educational journey and career development.

Choosing an apprenticeship doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of your education. Students engaged in part-time apprenticeship programmes receive the same rigorous curriculum and expert instruction as their peers in full-time study modes.

Experience the remarkable advantages of part-time apprenticeship studies in all DSTI programmes. Forge your future with our immersive, hands-on approach to learning, and flourish in an educational environment that champions growth, collaboration, and success.

Thanks to our flexibility, being an apprenticeship student at DSTI is possible from our two campuses of Nice Sophia-Antipolis & Paris, but also anywhere else in France, with our off-campus modality. Over a quarter of our current apprenticeship students are spread across the country, taking on exciting roles in various industries!

Continuing Education

Blended Learning studies

Upskilling and boost your career
At your chosen pace, on-campus, online, mixed

Part-time Sandwich studies

"Learn while you earn" for over 30s
Later-in-life apprenticeship, in France only
In France

Continuing Education - Blended Learning Mode

Continuing Education - Blended Learning Mode

With a wealth of experience in addressing the unique needs of mature students (typically aged 30 and above), from various countries and diverse professional backgrounds, DSTI offers a robust ecosystem for those seeking to elevate their skills.

This could be by augmenting existing expertise, typically in computer science, engineering, and applied mathematics/statistical analysis, or by embarking on a transformative journey into the dynamic realm of data sciences and AI.

Our mature students typically approach their learning journey in two ways:

  1. They pause their existing professional activities, dive headfirst into their studies, gain initial experience, and then re-enter the job market with an upgraded skill set. This path is typically chosen by those seeking to accomplish their goals “as swiftly as possible”. This is what we term our ‘Accelerated Pace‘.

  2. They need to continue in their current roles, balancing their studies with professional commitments. These students prefer to learn at their own pace, supported by continuous, one-on-one guidance over an extended period, often spanning several years. We cater to these students with our Self-Paced Online Courseor SPOC pace.

At DSTI, we’ve designed our blended learning modes with the understanding that every learner’s circumstances, goals, and preferred pace of learning are unique.

Our mission is to provide you with the flexibility, support, and world-class education you need to succeed in your chosen path.

DSTI Blended Learning Accelerated Pace

Blended Learning Mode – Accelerated Pace (9-month programmes)

DSTI Blended Learning Accelerated Pace

Blended Learning Mode – Accelerated Pace (9-month programmes)

Unleash your potential and fast-track your journey into the world of data science and AI with DSTI’s Blended LearningAccelerated Pace.

This intensive path is thoughtfully designed to compact our Applied MSc programmesData Science & AI, Data Engineering for AI, and Data Analytics – into nine months of immersive, high-impact classes.

The Accelerated Pace represents a challenge, inviting you to immerse yourself in rigorous studies, delve into complex data science and AI topics, and apply industry-leading tools and techniques.

This journey requires a profound commitment and an intense desire to learn, grow, and succeed. But with dedication, this mode offers an unrivalled opportunity to swiftly acquire a comprehensive skill set in data science and AI.

The Accelerated Pace is at the heart of running DSTI Applied MSc programmes. Its requirements infuse through all the other “live” study modes, which derive from it and share the same high-quality curriculum, expert instruction, and valuable practical experience.

The Accelerated Pace concludes with a six-month mandatory internship or equivalent full-time employment. This invaluable phase allows you to apply your newly gained knowledge and skills in a professional context, further bolstering your readiness for a thriving career.

Our hundreds of successful graduates are a testament not only to the effectiveness and quality of our programmes, but also to their relentless commitment and effort.Their success is a shared achievement – a testament to the strong partnership between DSTI’s dedicated faculty, direction of studies and our hard-working students.

So, are you ready for the challenge? With the Blended Learning Mode – Accelerated Pace at DSTI, you can fast-track your way into a rewarding career in data science and AI, joining the ranks of our successful alumni.

DSTI Continuing Education Blended Learning Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC)

Blended Learning Mode – Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) Pace (flexible duration)

DSTI Continuing Education Blended Learning Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC)

Blended Learning Mode – Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) Pace (flexible duration)

Are you a working professional seeking to enhance your expertise in data science and AI but unable to commit to traditional study schedules?

DSTI’s Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) pace within the Blended Learning mode is designed precisely for you, allowing you to study at your own rhythm while balancing your educational journey and professional commitments.

All our Applied MSc programmesData Science & AI, Data Engineering for AI, and Data Analytics – are open to this mode & pace, ensuring you gain the advanced knowledge you need, in your own time.

One of the unique aspects of the SPOC pace at DSTI is the format of our class recordings. Rather than featuring a lone professor lecturing to a camera, our class recordings capture real-time classroom interactions in Full HD, including discussions and questions from live students. This vibrant approach brings the classroom to life, providing a dynamic, interactive learning experience, even in an asynchronous mode.

Moreover, all SPOC students have the opportunity to join live classes, depending on their availability and the live class schedules. They can also participate in support sessions and any DSTI event, ensuring they remain an integral part of our vibrant academic community.

To further foster this sense of community, we organise a quarterly SPOC meeting where all SPOC students are invited to share their experiences, tips, and insights. This collaborative environment is not just enriching, but also greatly beneficial for networking and shared learning.

Our SPOC students are a cherished part of what we fondly call the “third campus” of DSTI. With nearly 150 working professionals currently enrolled and around 25 graduates who have significantly boosted their careers, the SPOC pace is a testament to the flexibility, inclusivity, and effectiveness of DSTI’s approach to learning.

In the SPOC pace, our dedicated Direction of Studies team creates individualised learning paths for each student. These paths not only manage courses’ dependencies within each programme but also cater to each student’s immediate professional needs, delivering the most relevant skills at the right time.

This personalised approach ensures that our SPOC students receive an education that is tailored to their specific circumstancesAnd these learning paths are dynamic, constantly evaluated and adjusted to meet shifting professional environments or personal goals.

In the SPOC pace, your career progression doesn’t need to be put on hold. Upskill while continuing to excel in your current role and become an even greater asset to your organisation.

Join our successful students & graduates and propel your career to new heights with DSTI’s innovative SPOC pace.

Continuing Education - Part-Time Sandwich Mode

Continuing Education - Part-Time Sandwich Mode

Are you 30 or above, an EU/EEA citizen (or already in France and long-stay visa holder) and a French speaker*? Consider an enriching career shift into data sciences with DSTI’s part-time sandwich studies with one of our Applied MSc programmes.
*Some companies may recruit non-French speakers, but it’s a rare occurrence

This “learn while you earn” study mode presents a great opportunity to transition into data sciences while acquiring hands-on professional experience, thereby strengthening your professional maturity and employability.

It’s essential to be cognisant that this mode, referred to as a ”Contrat de Professionnalisation”, bears a significantly higher cost for employers compared to the apprenticeship scheme for those under 30. As a result, finding positions under this scheme can be more challenging.

The key lies in finding a real alignment between your prior education and work experience, and an employer who is eager to bring you onboard and enhance your skills.

Albeit the higher cost of this scheme, the organisation of work and studies aligns perfectly with the apprenticeship scheme outlined above, creating a seamless and supportive learning environment.