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In the heart of the largest European Technology cluster!

Our Sophia-Antipolis campus, which is also DSTI headquarters, sits in the largest European technology cluster, often called the “French Silicon Valley”. Colloquially called “Sophia”, the park hosts R&D units from multi-national companies (Amadeus, Thales Underwater Systems, Cisco Systems or HPE to name a few), global institutions (W3C, ETSI) and a thriving ecosystem of teaching (Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Skema Business School) and research (INRIA, CNRS, INRA).

Sophia is slightly inland from Antibes, its nearest costal city and is essentially a beautiful pine forest. Antibes is our recommended place to stay, as it’s so international that you may sometimes come across someone who speaks French! This is even more true during the spring and summer seasons, with all the boat crews coming from all over the world for a pint in the (in)famous Blue Lady Pub.

DSTI campus, called “Les Templiers”, breathes of IT history: the premises were built by and for Digital Equipment Corporation and after its merger with Compaq and then Hewlett-Packard, was known to be occupied by both HP and Amadeus. It was also the very first building in the whole park to have a dedicated optic fibre connection in the early 90’s. Bill Gates is known to have visited there a few times, arriving by helicopter from Nice Airport (the campus does have an heliport) during this golden era! Today, “Les Templiers” is a multi-tenant building, with DSTI of course but also quite a few IT companies working in the travel industry thanks to the dynamics of the Amadeus ecosystem.

Few Perks

  • The campus hosts its own canteen, offering a pretty nice three-course meal for 8 euros as well as a snack bar for sandwiches and nibbles. You can also walk accros the road to the “Espace Saint-Philippe”, with its supermarket, restaurants, delicatessen and a Subway!

  • You have the whole French Riviera to visit: Cannes, Nice, Monaco to name a few. But also thanks to a unique geography, as well as the beautiful beaches, students are only 1 hour away from 3 skying resorts in the winter, Valberg being the nearest and most “homely”! The wonders of Provence are also by your doorstep. You can visit Marseille which is located few hours from Sophia. You cannot be in Sophia and not visit the Verdon Gorge, considered one of Europe’s most beautiful river canon (here for a Flickr overview). But why limit yourself to France when the Italian border and its stunning Riviera is less than one hour away?!

  • Nearby banking & Accommodation: The “Espace Saint-Philippe” has an international branch of a large European bank where English is spoken and a student residence hall called “Thesa”, which is affordable and practical for coming to DSTI, if a little quiet.

  • “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” right? Well there’s a nicely equipped gym in the campus, and it’s free so no excuse then! Of course, as the typical working week of a DSTI student is made of 50hrs dedicated to science and technology, you still have “plenty” of opportunities to go to the beach with a nicely chilled bottle of Provence Rosé wine and just enjoy being there. For the club lovers, Nice is very (too?) lively but don’t discard Monaco too: albeit the “name”, it’s sometimes cheaper to go out (in style of course) there! And if you are more a “mountain” person, the National Park of Mercantour and it wonders can be accessed with a bus starting from Nice (around 1h30 drive).

dsti-sophia antipolis- workshop

Visual Journaling workshop


The relaxation room


Cleaning your mind: the gym

dsti-sophia antipolics-classroom

Preparing your mind


The canteen


A night out at the Blue Lady Pub – Antibes

donkey_400x250 The campus is right next to the Sophia Agrobiotech from INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) and they have a pack of beautiful and cuddly donkeys that you can go and pat after a maths-heavy class! The campus has a large park with walking paths, sun lougers, hammocks and even a “pétanque” field!

data_sciencetech_intsitute_screen_400x250 Our two campuses are virtually connected and classes are given to both campuses simultaneously! DSTI is a one big family, regardless the country from where you follow the course! Here you can see the two campuses.

sophia_antipolis_campus_400x250 Look at the temperature “record highs” on Wikipedia: there’s always a day when we can lunch outside, listening to the wonderful water jet from the campus pond. Granted this one above was easy: it was taken on September 23rd 2016!

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