Apprenticeship - Initial Education

Part-Time Apprenticeship Studies via the "Contrat d'Apprentissage"

DSTI provides both students and host companies the opportunity to embark on its professional training programmes through an apprenticeship format. This structure, tailored to match the rhythm of the job market, initiates from either late September (Autumn intake) or early March (Spring intake).

With two intakes per year (Autumn & Spring), both apprenticeship students and their host companies can benefit from a sustained recruitment cycle.

Partnship with CFA AFIA

CFA AFIA is a leader in higher education apprenticeship programmes for digital-centric jobs. Over the course of nearly 30 years, the CFA AFIA has trained more than 15,000 apprentices within digital services companies, the digital industry, small businesses/start-ups, and the IT departments of major groups.


  1. A partnership of truly national scope: across our Nice Sophia-Antipolis and Paris campuses, as well as throughout France, thanks to DSTI’s many years of experience and leadership in ‘blended education’, utilising advanced teleconferencing technology across the whole country.

  2. Promote DSTI’s expertise and the academic excellence of its programmes to companies and CFA AFIA apprenticeship students.

  3. Ensuring top-tier support, successful career placement, and meticulous academic guidance and follow-up.

  4. Leverage CFA AFIA’s expertise in obtaining funding for host companies.

DSTI Applied Bachelor and Applied MSc Programmes - All eligible to the Apprenticeship Mode

Next Applied MSc intake: September 2023
Next Applied Bachelor intake: September 2024 (2nd year)

1,200hrs programme
(2nd & 3rd years):

  • 1,100hrs of classes.
  • 200hrs of support sessions and exams

550hrs programme:

  • 465hrs of classes, inc. 75hrs of preparatory and levelling-up DSTI Warm Up
  • 80hrs of support sessions and exams

830hrs programme:

  • 790hrs of classes, inc. 75hrs of preparatory and levelling-up DSTI Warm Up
  • 85hrs of support sessions and exams

890hrs programme:

  • 780hrs of classes, inc. 75hrs of preparatory and levelling-up DSTI Warm Up
  • 90hrs of support sessions and exams

Admission, placement and recruitement process

Online Application
(academic records or entry exam)
Admission Interview
(on-campus or online)
Preparation & connection
with companies, inc. our partners

Some companies recruiting our students in the apprenticeship scheme

DSTI key strenghts

2 intakes yearly

Autumn and Spring

Across all of France

DSTI Campuses + Online Mode

100% taught in English

Cambridge English Certification

nearly 100% sustained employment within 6 months following the and of an apprenticeship.

90% are employed by the same host companies

200 known companies actively recruiting

Advance your career with our network and guidance

Discover the journey of our apprenticeship students

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