DSTI Warm Up

The optimal preparation for our Applied MSc programmes

You have made the decision to enroll in our Applied MSc programmes and this is a choice that we can only applaud! This means that you have come to realise that our programmes will launch your future career to new horizons or consolidate your current career. It means that you feel ready to improve your skills and take up this challenge.

Before you start, you should know that our courses are very intensive in nature! In order to be well prepared, it is imperative to reinforce your current knowledge and be fully up to date.

The good news is that we are as keen as you are to see you succeed. That is why we are fully committed to refresh or update your knowledge via the DSTI Warm Up. These intensive preparatory courses will identify and address any existing gaps in your knowledge, so that you can start one step ahead. You will for example be able to follow preparatory courses for more complex subjects, such as mathematics and programming. 

But above all, we want you to be able to follow our regular courses without struggling. That is why we mentor you from the very beginning of the DSTI Warm Up, by helping you, supporting you, and guiding you. Real teachers will take care of you, check your current skills, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and assess how your knowledge can be best refreshed.

The DSTI Warm Up that we offer you can be followed on-campus or off-campus (online). It can therefore be harmoniously integrated with your current occupations, whether you are employed or not.

9th October to 27th October 2023
75 hours
Included in the tuition fees
On-campus or online

DSTI Warm Up – Autumn 2023

Get you up to speed on skills required to start leveraging! These preparatory courses are an entire part of our programmes and is “must” to start your programme and journey in the best possible way.

Applied mathematics & data structures

  • Mathematic fundamentals review, data structures for algorithmics on Python Modeling elements
    (all pre-calculus level)
  • Data Structures for algorithmics: a benchmark on Python & R
  • Design structures for fitting well known libraries (glmnet, xgboost, sci-kit learn)
5 days

Introduction to IT systems

  • Fundamentals of Computer Architecture & Operating Systems
3 days

Introduction to networks

  • Fundamentals of packet networking, routing networks layers, protocols, address spaces and associated service with TCP/IP
1 day

Introduction to computer science

  • Fundamentals of programming
1 day

Computer systems

  • Introduction to OS architecture
  • Introduction to DOS/Power shell command
  • Introduction to bash command /scripting
  • Use case on a Linux web server
5 days

Our Students Talk For Us

It was my first time attending the DSTI Warm Up preparatory courses and to be honest I was a bit scared and very excited. Even though I was revising for studies during the summer, it was nothing even close in terms of useful information and intensity of these weeks that passed in a blink of an eye. We have covered basic maths, Python and its libraries, and basic Computer Science. For me, it was very interesting to learn how computer works from inside and how the hardware communicates with the software. It’s something I intuitively knew or maybe heard, but never took time to dive deep in the question. Overall, the DSTI Warm Up is a great kickstarter and I’m very grateful and happy to have attended it. If you’re a future student, don’t miss out this opportunity

Kamila Tukhvatullina

Applied MSc in Data Science & AI, Autumn 2020

The 3-week DSTI Warm Up is a gentle introduction to all that you will meet when you start at DSTI and beyond. It is designed to help students of varying backgrounds to resonate at the same wavelength. As a software engineer, math skills are of paramount importance, the DSTI Warm Up helped to refresh those skills and gain a better understanding of their applicability in Data Science and Data Engineering.

Tinashe Makuti

Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI, Autumn 2020

Coming from an architectural engineering background I thought getting into the tech industry would be impossible but joining DSTI has unlocked an entire new world for me. The DSTI Warm Up was an intense 3-week programme joining theory with practice. The amount of knowledge gained during those 3 weeks is greater than a whole semester in a regular master’s programme and at the end of the DSTI Warm Up, I knew I chose the right programme to be a step closer to my dream job!


Applied MSc in Data Science & AI, Autumn 2020

I was a working professional who came back to study and the DSTI Warm Up was beneficial in getting me up to speed. The courses focussed on refreshing basic mathematical and programming concepts, and were helpful in developing a study routine before the main program started. These 3 weeks were also valuable to connect with the new batchmates and staff at DSTI, who were very cooperative during my relocation to Paris as it was my first time in the city. I would strongly recommend following the DSTI Warmp Up and prepare yourself about what to expect during the next 6 months.

Shivansh RAI

Applied MSc in Data Science & AI, Autumn 2020