Clément Ziane

Clément Ziane is a Software and Data Architect, who specialised on micro-series architecture & web application. He is interested in everything related to Software Architecture. He graduated in 2017 from University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard as Software Engineer with specialities in Software Engineering and Image, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. He cofounded Aizca, a company publishing SaaS for e-commerce and he is currently CTO at DSTI.

Courses given

Microsoft Azure

Students will learn the basis of Azure Services. In other words, the introduction to major services, how to deploy, manage and monitore them. Discover industrial use cases of Cloud Computing through Azure.

Software Engineering – Part 1

During this class, students will learn the basics of software development with C language. Manage the memory and create functions.
Architecture pattern and well programming pattern.

Java & Scala Programming

Students will learn the fundamentals of software architecture and object-oriented programming, with Java. They will learn data structure, design pattern and Unified Modeling Language (UML) for software design.

NoSQL databases (MongoDB)

Students will learn the fundamentals of MongoDB architecture and comparative with SQL architecture. They will work on industrial use cases of MongoDB Architecture and optimisation.

Computer Science

In this class, students will get an introduction to operating system architecture, Windows and Linux. Then, through the practice they will learn scripting, command line, network & security for each system to be able to administrate a system in a professional environment.