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The school board and its professors are welcoming, engaging, nurturing and encouraging. They understand that the field of Data Science attracts apprentices of different skills and backgrounds, and they approach teaching it from that point of view. DSTI is not just a school – it is a community that brings together people who are eager to learn and grow.
– Hanna Abi Akl | Natural Language Processing Intern at Yseop

It’s very technical field and also our master is very intensive covering advanced-level courses, so I found it very useful and helpful being able to work on some solutions with other students. To be honest, I’ve never thought to have such wonderful people in my class. 
–  Marlena Kisczycka | Data Scientist at IBM Italia

The Applied MSc in Data Science & AI at DSTI stands out from other Data Science programmes. This fast-paced programme keeps the industry in mind and the curriculum is constantly being updated. There is a balance between teachers from the academia and the industry, which is valuable in certain courses. Conferences from experienced industry experts, for example SAP and Assystem, also allow us to have different perspective on the topic. The Applied MSc is very intensive but rewarding.
– Saad Khan | Applied MSc in Data Science & AI, Fall 2019

It is with great joy that I received the degree and transcript of the Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (2016-2017).
Joining this training offered by DSTI – demanding, intensive but balanced by the support of the pedagogical teams and punctuated by unforgettable moments of camaraderie, by theoretical and practical tests, with techniques, methods and environment to be discovered – was a very positive and beneficial experience on both human and professional levels.
Following this training, I was able to find a job in the private sector within three months after the internship. I received around ten job offers from companies. I am working as a developer and analyst on a supercomputer site accessible to major clients and scientific research organisations.
I would like to thank the professors and lecturers for the quality of their teaching and the founders of DSTI for creating it.
– Michael Faivre | Software Developer en Python/Django chez Atout Libre

After more than 15 years working in the smartphone industry, I had the opportunity to pursue a career in Data Science and to be admitted in the Applied MSc programme at DSTI. This 6-month intensive programme allowed me to expand my field of competencies in data and computer science. I found this study experience refreshing and rewarding. I do not regret a single second all the hard work given in class and on projects. 

  • I chose to study at DSTI because I wanted to work on real-world projects;
  • At DSTI, I could share my experiences with other students having various professional backgrounds and coming from all over the world;
  • I had the chance to meet brilliant and dedicated professors!

I enjoyed my time at DSTI and beyond the technical skills I acquired, I was able to boost my motivation in order to continue developing new skills.
– Remi Hardy | Applied MSc in Data Science & AI, Spring 2018

With a background in statistics, I wanted to strengthen my skills. I discovered DSTI and I really enjoyed the training provided. There are very practical courses focusing on the expectations of the job market. I have new jobs opportunities from the moment I graduated. I totally recommend DSTI!
– Raffaella Irie | Data and Statistics Manager at African Airlines Association (AFRAA)

Joining the Applied MSc in Data Engineering gave me exposure to many skills and tools needed industry, but the ones which clicked with me the most were the DevOps module and the AWS training provided, so I decided to pursue a career more closely related to them. After DSTI I was flooded with job interviews and had the luxury of choosing between three Job offers.
– Mirel Isaj | Site Reliability Engineer at Koodoo

I chose DSTI curriculum because it covers all aspects of data science as an applied science: theory, practice, law and ethics. Distance learning is a challenge but DSTI has set up this self-paced online course (SPOC) mode which fits exactly with my needs. I can not afford quitting my current job before graduating in Data Science. With the SPOC mode, I can have access to a real life course, given with real students in front of the professor, but I follow it at my own pace. Learning is much more lively that way than in a usual online course. I strongly appreciate the regular follow up online meetings that make sort of deadlines for me to help me scheduling my activities.
– Marc Grossouvre | Associate Professor of Mathematics

I’ve had the chance to meet one of the brightest, competent and human institution to learn Data Science and Data Engineering. The quality of the teaching makes it a very challenging endeavour but it is worth it in the end. It gives you a deep understanding of how things work and you’ll be able to adapt to any situation you might encounter in the industry whatever the field. It’s not just about Data Science but also about people and that’s what changes everything!
– Olivier Doubiani | Data Scientist at Alten

I am currently doing my internship as a data scientist at Assystem in Paris. I am doing text mining and I have to develop a system of information extraction from plain text documents. I apply notions from DSTI as statistics, coding (python), sql, web semantic and deep learning. DSTI’s broad vision of data science helped me to have enough self-confidence to look for innovative way to response to the challenges. Morever, the on-campus environment is pleasant and friendly. There are many job opportunities in the region.
– Ali Kabbadj | Data Scientist at Assystem Paris

DSTI equipped me with the right skills for this job and exposed me to how Data Science is used in the industry. The examination system is way more practical and better than the traditional theoretical exams. DSTI also exposed me to so many new fields and helped me in making decisions according to my interests. Professors are well-known in their subjects and I am glad to be taught by them. DSTI has been an unique experience.
– Rohan Chaudhari | Junior Data Scientists at Vinci Autoroutes

For me, DSTI is more than a school – it’s an experience through which I realized that the word impossible is not to be considered.
– Feriel Ghimouz | Junior Consultant at Ysance

I chose the Applied MSc in Data Science & AI programme because I believe that data science can help to match the energy production and consumption by predicting consumer behaviors for example. Also, the means of production are becoming more and more decentralized, which requires an advanced way of electricity grid management and data science can help with this task.
– Yassine El Khattabi | Deep Learning Data Scientist at

In a short time span the classes at DSTI cover a broader range of data science topics than other comparable master programs and the high-paced and dynamic culture stimulates students to go beyond the course content by themselves.
– Joos Korstanje | Data Scientist at Disneyland Paris

I am very happy with the training that I received at DSTI. It really helps me daily. The technical training that I received was sufficient to allow me to work efficiently. As the program is very dense, I had to work by myself to go “deeper” for my job, but it was helpful to have an overview of all these fields.
– Mylène Chau | Data Scientist at ANFR

The Applied MSc in Data Science is versatile enough to show us a wide range of paths to take afterwards. Now I am clear about which one to follow so I am focusing my efforts on that.
–  Raul Mora | Data Scientist at Capgemini

Foremost, DSTI is a big family where we get great support throughout a program that is quite tedious and very difficult to handle. DSTI also remains above all a school that allows you to learn data science & big data and gives you a quick overview of several search area. This allowed me, not only to improve and innovate during my internship as well as in my current position, but also to refocus myself towards artificial intelligence, an axis of current research that continues to grow exponentially over time.
– Badr Tajini | Research and Development Engineer in Deep Learning & Computer Vision at Eurecom Engineer School

DSTI exceeded my expectations and everyday DSTI impresses me with its friendly staff and qualified teachers, I have received a lot of support here and I’m excited and ready to achieve success after my program.
– Abba Barde | Data Scientist at Terragon Group

I really enjoyed the programme – certainly a challenge for someone with little programming experience but therefore also getting maximum value out of it!
– Peer Lustraeten | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI, Fall 2018 

I think DSTI is an open door for anyone aspiring to the job of data scientist. I remember from my time at DSTI, the intensity of training and the desire to adapt knowledge to the reality of the professional world. Today, from what I learned new opportunities have opened. I recommend this school to anyone who would like to embrace a career as a data scientist.
– Kouassi Issouf Ouattara | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI, Fall 2016 

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