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DSTI equipped me with the right skills for this job and exposed me to how Data Science is used in the industry. The examination system is way more practical and better than the traditional theoretical exams. DSTI also exposed me to so many new fields and helped me in making decisions according to my interests. Professors are well-known in their subjects and I am glad to be taught by them. DSTI has been an unique experience.
dsti_testimonials– Rohan Chaudhari | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Junior Data Scientists at Vinci Autoroutes

We meet a lot of nationalities and this helps us to develop ourselves in the data science field and to exchange with everyone. Also, we work on real projects and this allowed us to apply and improve what we learned throughout the year on a real professional case.

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– Nehmy Forbin | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Exploitation Data Manager at Autobiz

I chose DSTI because of the close relationship the school has with industry and business. Plus, I like the focus upon practical and applied Data Science, vs. the theoretical research model of a traditional university. I can describe my experience at DSTI in three words: Expanding Future Horizons.
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– David Tribble | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Sophia-Antipolis Campus

DSTI’s course and syllabus are continuously evolving according to the needs of the industry and the school makes sure that its students receive the best of the knowledge in the field of analytics that makes them highly employable.
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Vishnu Indramohan | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Data Scientist at Facebook Dublin

If you want an affordable, flexible and a well-structured Data Science programme, DSTI is the best and you are guaranteed to get a job even before completing it.
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– Henry Mazhokota | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Data Science Engineer at Steward Bank

15 months ago, I would have never imagined that a program like DSTI would open so many doors for me, allowing me to learn one of the most interested fields in this century, and helping to acquire the technical skills to be completely aligned with my company strategy and my personal projects. It was an amazing experience.
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– Nicolas Aguirre Dobernack | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Security Technology Services Manager at Citrix

I am currently doing my internship as a data scientist at Assystem in Paris. I am doing text mining and I have to develop a system of information extraction from plain text documents. I apply notions from DSTI as statistics, coding (python), sql, web semantic and deep learning. DSTI’s broad vision of data science helped me to have enough self-confidence to look for innovative way to response to the challenges. Morever, the on-campus environment is pleasant and friendly. There are many job opportunities in the region.
– Ali Kabbadj | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Data Scientist at Assystem Paris

Foremost, DSTI is a big family where we get great support throughout a program that is quite tedious and very difficult to handle. DSTI also remains above all a school that allows you to learn data science & big data and gives you a quick overview of several search area. This allowed me, not only to improve and innovate during my internship as well as in my current position, but also to refocus myself towards artificial intelligence, an axis of current research that continues to grow exponentially over time.
– Badr Tajini | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | R&D intern at EDF

In a short time span the classes at DSTI cover a broader range of data science topics than other comparable master programs and the high-paced and dynamic culture stimulates students to go beyond the course content by themselves.
Joos Korstanje| Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Data Scientist at Disneyland Paris

The Applied MSc in Data Science is versatile enough to show us a wide range of paths to take afterwards. Now I am clear about which one to follow so I am focusing my efforts on that.
–  Raul Mora | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Market Intelligence Analyst at Skillogs

For me, DSTI is more than a school – it’s an experience through which I realized that the word impossible is not to be considered.
– Feriel Ghimouz | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Data Scientist at Natixis Global Asset Management

DSTI exceeded my expectations and everyday DSTI impresses me with its friendly staff and qualified teachers, I have received a lot of support here and I’m excited and ready to achieve success after my program.
Abba Barde | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Data Scientist at Terragon Group

I am very happy with the training that I received at DSTI. It really helps me daily. The technical training that I received was sufficient to allow me to work efficiently. As the program is very dense, I had to work by myself to go “deeper” for my job, but it was helpful to have an overview of all these fields.
– Mylène Chau | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI | Data Scientist at ANFR

I think DSTI is an open door for anyone aspiring to the job of data scientist. I remember from my time at DSTI, the intensity of training and the desire to adapt knowledge to the reality of the professional world. Today, from what I learned new opportunities have opened. I recommend this school to anyone who would like to embrace a career as a data scientist.
– Kaoussi Issouf Ouattara | Applied MSc in Data Science and AI |Online Student

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