Why you should come to Sophia Antipolis campus

As you may know, DSTI has two campuses: one in Paris and the main one in Nice Sophia-Antipolis in the south of France. Indeed, the initial idea was to open a single campus in Sophia-Antipolis, however, when the DSTI project was getting set up, after discussing with our partners and with companies, we understood that opening another campus in Paris was essential for our activities and development. As a result, both campuses opened at the same time and with the same ambitions.

Maybe, you have already heard about Paris, about the Eiffel tour and the Champs Elysée’s, and that this makes you want to go study there (which is completely understandable, it’s not the most visited city in the world for nothing). However, today we are going to present you the Sophia-Antipolis campus and all its advantages.

Campus Sophia-Antipolis

A spacious campus

As the company’s headquarters, the campus of Sophia-Antipolis, named “Les Templiers”, is a big and modern building previously occupied by HP and Amadeus and also hosts other different IT companies.

The campus offers spacious, well-equipped classrooms with all the modern equipment you need to study and work in the right conditions. Our Sophia-Antipolis campus also hosts its own canteen and free gym allowing you to adjust the balance between food and sports!

An amazing economic and technological environment

Sophia-Antipolis is a business park hosting a lot of R&D units from various multi-national companies like Amadeus, Thales Underwater Systems, Cisco Systems to name but a few. With institutions like Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis and Skema Business School, INRIA, CNRS, INRA, Sophia-Antipolis also hosts a thriving ecosystem of teaching and research. Often called the “French Tech Valley”, Sophia-Antipolis is the largest European technology cluster! Bill Gates is known to have visited the park various times during the 90’s.

This environment makes our campus the perfect place to blossom as a student and as a future expert in Data Careers.

One of the most beautiful french regions

Slightly inland from Antibes, Sophia-Antipolis is essentially a beautiful pine forest. The unique geography of the campus allows you to enjoy the southern climate all year round. Antibes, one step away from the campus and which is our recommendation to stay, is a beautiful costal city with an international population (especially during spring and summer seasons with the tourists and the yacht crews) and is perfect for you to enjoy your new life. Moreover, with cities like Nice, Cannes, Monaco, and wider on the French riviera, you have plenty of things to do.

A few hours from Sophia, the wonders of Provence are also by your doorstep allowing you to visit places like Marseille, Aix en Provence, Cassis… Finally, you can’t miss the Verdon Gorge which is considered as one of the Europe’s most beautiful river canyon!

But the coast isn’t the only attractive point of the region. Indeed, for students who are more mountain persons, the National Park of Mercantour is only 1 hour and a half away from Nice by bus. Moreover, for the winter, Sophia students can choose between the 3 skying resorts which are at only 1 hour away.

In what is one of the most beautiful French regions, with all these wonderful and amazing places, you are sure that you won’t get bored during weekends and free times!

The cost of living

Compared to Paris, as a European capital where life is expensive, the cost of living in Sophia and surroundings is more affordable.

Moreover, as you may have seen, since the beginning of November, the tuition fees of the On-Campus mode are cheaper in Sophia-Antipolis than in Paris.

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