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Designed for working professionals!

The self-paced online course includes monthly intakes giving you the opportunity to decide when you want to start the programme on a schedule that suits you. 

The SPOC mode is designed for working individuals who cannot afford to suspend their jobs for six months but still show a strong commitment to acquire new skills and further their careers. Aspiring Data Scientists and Data Engineers will be able to acquire advanced competencies and make strategic data-driven decisions. 

A personalised learning experience

At the beginning of your educational journey with DSTI, you will have an interview with our student care and direction of studies staff to help you design your own path according to your goals, constraints and questions, including choosing between “Data Science” and “Data Engineering”. The latter should never be a point of stress, as the two programmes have got a common set of courses, hence the specialisation choice can be made after the start of your journey.

1. The learning plan is constructed and followed according to courses’ pre-requisite dependencies.

2. SPOC students follow one course at a time from their learning plan.

3. The next course is unlocked by submission of the current course assessment.

The learning plan is reviewed every month by the Student Care staff and the Direction of Studies should important adjustments be needed.

Key benefits of the SPOC mode

  • Develop new competencies through a personalised learning path to achieve your professional goals.
  • Study flexibly and at your own pace – students can follow the online classes whenever they want and wherever they are, while keeping their job.
  • Ability to join live classes – students can plan their availability to take part in live classes and interact with their Professors and classmates, notably for the most challenging courses.
  • Full access to the learning materials.
  • Support from the Student Care staff and the Direction of Studies.

SPOC students also have specific means of communication with DSTI:

1.  A weekly “catch-up” teleconference session with our student care staff, tailored to rematerialise a live social bond.

2. A dedicated instant messaging channel with the Direction of Studies, allowing us to collect questions for Professors and to closely follow their progression.

Monthly intakes

The SPOC mode offers ten monthly intakes starting every month, except in January and August. You don’t have to wait for traditional semester dates to study on a schedule that suits your lifestyle.


Choose between 2 learning paths: a Degree or a Certificate

We also understand that graduated & working individuals already in some form of “data-related jobs” may not be primarily seeking another degree but a certificate of knowledge. DSTI programmes are not MOOCs. DSTI delivers post-master, specialist and complex higher education.


As such, we open two paths: one leading to graduation, another leading to a certificate. 

  • Graduation requires complete fulfilment of the evaluation process as per the full-time programmes. Students choosing the graduation path will be given the evaluation and submission guidelines of the next upcoming cohort so that they can plan in advance their preparation and assessment submission strategy.

  • Certification relies on simpler end-of-course multiple choice questions.

Learn more about the study modes

Students Success Stories

“DSTI’s course and syllabus are continuously evolving according to the needs of the industry and the school makes sure that its students receive the best of the knowledge in the field of analytics that makes them highly employable.”

Vishnu Indramohan, Facebook

“15 months ago, I would have never imagined that a program like DSTI would open so many doors for me, allowing me to learn one of the most interested fields in this century, and helping to acquire the technical skills to be completely aligned with my company strategy and my personal projects.”

Nicolas Aguirre, Citrix Systems

“ We meet a lot of nationalities and this helps us to develop ourselves in the data science field and to exchange with everyone. Also, we work on real projects and this allowed us to apply and improve what we learned throughout the year on a real professional case ”

Nehmy Forbin, Autobiz

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