Just like all universities across the world, Data ScienceTech Institute Board of Directors is assisted by a Scientific Advisory Board.

The Scientific Advisory Board is commissioned as an advisory body by the Board of Directors, on the following matters:

  • Defining the curriculum of the Institute’s programmes;

  • Piloting the strategy of the programmes’ evolution;

  • Approving the faculty recruitment;

  • Proposing a strategy for partnerships with other Higher Education & Research institutions.

alain bravo

Alain Bravo, Chairman
Alain Bravo graduated from École Polytechnique (cohort 1965) École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Télécom ParisTech (cohort 1970). Today, he is the CEO and Chairman of ABHEXIS and of the National Academy of Technologies of France. He is also the founder of SFR and the former CEO of Supélec Engineering School.

Gregory Piatetsky (PhD), Honorary President
Dr Gregory Piatetsky is the Founder and Publisher of KDnuggets and is one of the Data Science “Founding Fathers”. Mr Piatetsky is the Founder of Knowledge Discovery in Database (KDD) conferences and Co-Founder of ACM SIGKDD conferences. He is also the Former VP and Chief Scientist of XChange Inc. He got a MSc and PhD in Computer Science from Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Dominique Vernay, Academic Member
Dominique Vernay is the President of Paris Saclay University and the Honorary President of SYSTEM@TIC Technology Cluster. Mr Vernay is the Former Global CTO of Thales Group. He graduated from Supélec Engineering School (cohort 1972).

robert plana

Robert Plana (PhD), Gold Industrial Partner
Robert Plana is the CTO of Assystem and Former Ecosystem Leader of GE Digital. He is the VP for Industrial Relationship of IEEE France and Former Chief Scientist & Head of Strategy Department for the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Mr Plana was also the Former Global Scientific Director and Head of Mathematics, Physics, Nanotechnology & ICT for the CNRS. He was the CNRS Bronze Medal laureate (1999), got his PhD in ICT, Université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier (cohort 1993).

Julien Simon, Academic Member 
Julien Simon is the Global Technical Evangelist, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at Amazon Web Services. Prior to joining AWS, Julien served for 10 years as CTO/VP Engineering in top-tier web startups where he led large Software and Ops teams in charge of thousands of servers worldwide.

Jacques Blum (PhD), Academic Member
Jacques Blum is Full Professor (emeritus) of Mathematics at the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis (tenured) & Laboratoire Jean-Alexandre Dieudonné. He is internationally recognised researcher on “Inverse Problems”, using simulation, identification and optimal control of physical systems ruled by partial differential equations, with over 150 publications. He collaborated with the ITER Project (nuclear fusion) for plasmas behaviour and control in TOKAMAK reactors and LEGI Grenoble and LODYC Paris on oceanographic modelling for understanding current flows from altimetric satellite measurements. Mr Blum got his PhD in Mathematics at the Université Paris VI – Pierre et Marie Curie (cohort 1985). 

Amir Nakib (PhD), Academic Member
Amir Nakib published several papers in international journals, book chapters’, papers in proceedings of international conferences, and 3 edited books. He also participates to many R&D projects, and de- ployed some open source softwares. His research in LISSI laboratory focused on the design of Metaheuristics to medical image process- ing. After his PhD, at the middle of 2008, he has got a position as the Research head at Logxlabs a start up where he worked on the design of meta- heuristics for different industrial problems. Since Sep. 2010, he is a Senior Lecturer at University Paris Est Creteil, Laboratoire LISSI, where he does research on stochastic global optimization and its application on image processing, network and smart grid.


Fabien Gandon (PhD), Academic Member
Fabien Gandon is the Director of Research and Deputy Scientific Associate at Inria. Fabien earned his PhD in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. His professional interests include: Web, Semantic Web, Social Web, Ontologies, Knowledge Engineering and Modelling, Mobility, Privacy, Context-Awareness, Semantic Social Network / Semantic Analysis of Social Network, Intraweb, Distributed Artificial Intelligence. Fabien previously worked for the Mobile Commerce Laboratory of Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and was General Co-chair of WWW 2012 (Rank A+, ~1800 participants), Program Co-chair ESWC 2014 (Rank A, 300 participants) and General Chair ESWC 2015 (Rank A, 300 participants).

Mouloud Dey, Academic Member
Mouloud Dey is the Director Innovation & Business Development at SAS Institute France. He has many years of experience within SAS France. Today, his main roles include analysing industry and market trends, identifying opportunities for business expansion, and developing strategic directions. Moreover, Mr Dey mentors and coaches business development domain experts.  He graduated from Paris Dauphine University and University Paris Nanterre.

ariane liger belair

Ariane Liger-Belair, Gold Industrial Partner
Ariane Liger-Belair is the Academic Director of SAS Institute France. She has over 17 years of career within SAS France as its Academic Director: Ariane knows everyone dealing with data in the French Higher education system. She graduated from Eckerd College, SouthWest Texas State University & The American University of Paris.


Christine Malot (PhD), Academic Member
Dr Christine Malot is Associate Professor of Mathematics & Senior Lecturer at the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis. She is also working in the Laboratoire Jean-Alexandre Dieudonné. Christine co-authored the R CRAN Package “VSURF: Variable Selection Using Random Forests”. At DSTI, Dr Malot is teaching the “Foundations of Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning” and “Advanced Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning” classes.


Sébastien Corniglion, Boad Liaison Office
Sébastien Corniglion is the Co-founder and CEO of DSTI. He is in charge of education and research policies. Sebastien graduated from the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis & The University of Edinburgh. He is a Former Adjunct Professor at Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis, EDHEC, IDRAC, Thăng Long University (Hà Nội, Việt Nam).


Léo Souquet (PhD), Board Liaison Officer
Léo Souquet is the Co-founder and CEO of DSTI. He got his Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) at the Edinburgh Napier University. Léo a former Adjunct Professor at IDRAC.