Dr Amir Nakib
His research in LISSI laboratory focused on the design of Metaheuristics to medical image process- ing. After his PhD, at the middle of 2008, he has got a position as the Research head at Logxlabs a start up where he worked on the design of meta- heuristics for different industrial problems.

Since Sep. 2010, he is associate professor at University Paris Est Creteil, Laboratoire LISSI, where he does research on stochastic global optimization and its application on image processing, network, and Smart grid

He published several papers in international journals, book chapters’, papers in proceedings of international conferences, and 3 edited books. He also participates to many R&D projects, and de- ployed some open source softwares.

It is said that he his one of the toughest teacher @ DSTI, get ready 😉

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