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Léo Souquet
CEO – Corporate Relations at DSTI
Courses: Amazon AWS “Cloud-Computing DSTI Chair”

Sebastien Corniglion
CEO – Teaching and Research at DSTI
Courses: Computer Systems, Software Engineering & Data Wrangling with SQL

Christine Malot, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics & Senior Lecturer at the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Courses: Foundations of Statistical Analysis & Machine Learning and Advanced Statistical Analysis & Machine Learning 

Amir Nakib, PhD
Associate Professor Université Paris Est (UPE)
Courses: Artificial Neural Networks & Metaheuristics Optimisation

Antonio Fabio Di Narzo, PhD
Biostatistics and bioinformatics consultant
Courses: Foundations of Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning & Survival Analysis Using R 

Fabien Gandon
Director of Research & Deputy Scientific Associate at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
Course: Semantic Web technologies for Data Science developments

Jacques Blum, PhD
Associate professor of mathematics & associate professor of mathematics at Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis 
Courses: Continuous Optimisation

Lionel Fillatre, PhD
Teacher researcher at the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis in the I3S Laboratory
Course: Deep Learning with Python

Didier Auroux, PhD
Professor at the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Courses: Applied Mathematics for Data Science & Continuous Optimisation

Jean-François Derenty
Senior Consultant
Course: SAS Ecosystem 

Gregoire de Lassence
Pedagogical and Research Manager at SAS France
Course: SAS Ecosystem 

Andrei Costache
Analytics and Data Science Consultant for Customer Support at SAS France
Course: SAS Ecosystem 

Sylvain Benito, PhD
Co-founder & Chief Science Officer at ExactCure
Course: Time-Series Analysis using SAS

Michael Hatoum
Big Data Consultant at Adaltas
Course: The Hadoop Ecosystem

Georgiy Bobashev, PhD
Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill & Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University
Course: Agent-Based Modelling


Charles Bouveyron
Director of the Master of Science in “Data Science and Artifical Intelligence” programme at the Université Côte d’Azur
Courses: R for Big Data & Statistical analysis of massive and high-dimensional data

Erwan Deschamps
VP Products (CPO) & Technologies (CTO) at Groupe Chantelle
Courses: Cloud Computing, DevOps & Continuous Integration

Fabien Massol
Head of SGB Security at Amadeus IT Group
Course: Software Engineering Project Management & Quality

Clément Ziane
Freelance Software Engineer
Course: Java & Scala Programming

Jérôme Baton
Software Developer & Architect
Course: NoSQL databases

Emerick Duval
Business Intelligence Consultant at Viseo
Course: Relational Databases Management Systems

Catherine Faron Zucker, PhD
Associate Professor at the Université Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Courses: Data Pipeline & Semantic Web technologies for Data Science developments

Jean-Luc Canela
Technology Lead at AXA
Course: Data Pipeline

Bénédicte Le Grand
Professor at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Course: Cybersecurity

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