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Tuition Fees
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outside of France only)

Online Education!

It’s with great pleasure that Data ScienceTech Institute, via its Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board, is announcing the HD telepresence technology in our campuses, allowing us to open online education access, with live cast over the web, for distant students to stay at home while following our Applied MSc and Advanced MSc programmes.

HD telepresence is an investment showing our continuous commitment to providing innovation in Big Data and Data Science Higher Education from France to all over the world.



We have equipped both of our campuses with telepresence equipment and advanced software, including smart, interactive and digital whiteboards of the latest technology for amazing end-to-end exchange of knowledge.

All off-campus students are given accounts to join the classes.

Whether you live in London, Cape Town, Buenos Aires for early morning classes or New Delhi for afternoon and night classes, you can follow our programmes directly from your laptop in the comfort of your own home (DSL connection required).

Classes are recorded and recordings are made available on replay.
Please note that this recordings are provided as a commodity and convenience to all students.
Off-campus students remain obliged to follow classes in real-time, with their classmates and professors.

Off-campus students are enrolled identically to on-campus students, and receive an enrolment certificate.


Being an off-campus student doesn’t require applying for a student visa.

Programme content?

The tuition is identical in both modes, and online students follow classes with their on-campus classmates.
Industrial projects and placements cannot be guaranteed.

Tuition fees

The following tuition fees apply only to students living outside of France.
Online Education students living in France are considered “On-Campus” and therefore the “On-Campus” tuition fees apply.

The following tuition fees are in effect for the Autumn 2018 entry and are subject to change for future years. Tuition fees for the Spring 2019 will be published in Autumn 2018.

Online EducationEntryTuition fees
Applied MSc in Data ScienceAutumn 20187,500€
Applied MSc in Data EngineeringAutumn 20187,500€
Advanced MSc Artificial IntelligenceAutumn 20186,000€

Fees are paid in 3 instalments, every two months in advance (w/exc. of the initial 20% down payment for securing your enrolment)

You get access to online DSTI facilities (Safari Books subscriptions, Industrial Partners software, etc.) but not to our fabulous campuses, nor industrial placement support for internships and part-time jobs.

You can, however, be employed as an intern, under a French Higher Education Internship Agreement, even if you are working abroad, anywhere in the world, knowing that
French Labour Law enforces that an internship cannot be longer than 6 months full-time (12 months part-time) with the same employer.
Two or more internships can be done with different employers.
DSTI won’t provide industrial support in finding these internships abroad, but will provide its usual support with administrative processes and liaising with your employer.

Education quality and programme aims*

The high quality of our MSc programmes is our main focus.
Except for support with work placements, no other terms are changing: cohorts are kept small, regardless of being on or off-campus.
All students have the benefits of the Teaching Chairs* as per described on our Partners page.
*If unable to meet the required audio and video quality standards to the extend of disturbing the good conduct of the classes, DSTI reserves itself the right to terminate off-campus students matriculation without any reimbursement of any paid tuition fees.

You will graduate at the same time as your classmates on-campus, will take the same mandatory professional certification exams* (SAS, AWS) and will be awarded the same degree & certificate of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).
* Provided you are not subject to any Sanction Programmes of the United States of America which would affect your rights to take these classes and/or examinations.

The application form remains the same, just make sure to select the “OFF CAMPUS” programmes.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions or need extra information.