What is data?

The world of data is constantly expanding. It is the source of new jobs and new technologies. Discover what Data is! 

Are you hearing more and more about data and are Big Data jobs emerging around you? 

Concepts such as Big Data, Data Analyst, Data Engineer or Data Scientist are spreading at full speed! 

To better understand them, we suggest you define what “Data”. 

The Data revolution  

The emergence of the internet and the development of databases has resulted in a quantitative explosion in the volume of Data (Big Data).  

To illustrate this, just think about your Internet browsing. When you buy products on Amazon, listen to music on YouTube and Spotify, or watch movies on Netflix, your browsing history is recorded and analysed by algorithms. 

This meteoric rise is forcing researchers and engineers to find innovative ways to collect, analyse and record this data. 

Robots are learning about you in order to offer you content that is personalised. 

This is a real revolution, just like the discovery of writing, agriculture or steam power, and its effects on society are already very significant. 

The technologies behind big data  

Big data technologies are divided into two main families: 

  • Storage technologies based on the development of increasingly powerful databases (Cloud Computing). 
  • Algorithms capable of storing and analysing data (Hadoop, MapReduce, SaaS, and Spark).

Big Data jobs and study paths 

The world of Data has resulted in the emergence of new careers and training opportunities.  

The jobs of Data Analyst and Data Scientist consist of identifying and analysing relevant data in order to advises businesses in their decisions.  

We can also mention Data Engineers, Big Data Engineers or Artificial Intelligence Engineers which are more and more sought after by companies. 

The salaries in these fields are high and logically attract more a lot of people.