What is Data Science?

Are you passionate about Data Science? Are you interested in the data business? This article is for you!   

Data is everywhere today. They are giving rise to new study paths and fields of investigation.   

But what exactly is Data Science?  

If the world of Data fascinates you, this article will interest you! 

Data science  

Data Science is experiencing rapid growth. With the emergence of the internet, the amount of data on networks and in databases is increasing all the time. 

Think of the data you leave behind when you browse the internet, shop on Amazon or watch content on Netflix. 

Imagine also the volumes of data collected and stored in huge company databases concerning their customers, suppliers, products, etc. 

Being able to collect relevant data from all this data and process, analyse, categorise, model, structure, and transform them into intelligible and useful information is becoming increasingly urgent for business leaders. For example, they can be used to make predictions about the possible sales of their products according to the customers (their age, their sex, etc.) 

Thus, data are a veritable source of value creation for businesses. 

Using statistics, data processing algorithms and business knowledge, Data Scientistare able to understand what the raw data have to say and discover the information hidden in it. Their findings enable them to advise companies and help them make the right decisions, whether in marketing, finance or management. 

Data scientists are in ever-greater demand among businesses. The added value of Data Science is decisive for companies that are accumulating more and more data in their IT systems. 

As a result, the remuneration paid to individuals in this new career is high and attractive. This has prompted more and more young people to pursue training in Data Science

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