What is Data Mining?

Are you passionate about data analysis? Find out in this article what data mining is all about. 

Do you have an analytical mind and are you passionate about the world of data? Do you want to better understand the different areas of data analysis? 

Here we introduce you to Data Mining. 

What is data mining? 

Data Mining is part of Big Data technologies and data analysis techniques. 

Data mining is the set of technologies that allow the analysis of large volumes of data. All Big Data analytics and exploitation is based on data mining.  

Data Mining consists of processing, analysing, and cross-referencing large volumes of data and establishing relationships between them in order to transform the data into valuable information. Companies then use it to make the right decisions in their strategy. 

The software used in Data Mining is data analysis software. It allows data to be categorised, their links to be discovered and analysed from different perspectives. They are based on complex and powerful algorithms. 

For example, Data Mining is able to establish correlations between two data and determine whether one event is related to another (association). It can also reveal a causal relationship between two events (sequence analysis). 

Data Mining is therefore the set of techniques capable of transforming various raw data (operational data, non-operational data or metadata) into usable information. This information is then studied and becomes knowledge whose value lies in the fact that it allows us to understand patterns or even to predict future behaviour. This knowledge is invaluable to companies. 

Data Miner job description

The Data Miner is the specialist in Data Mining. His role is to analyse the data of businesses in order to anticipate trends in marketing, accounting and finance. 

In order to carry out his or her missions, the Data Miner must master statistics, have IT skills and an in-depth knowledge of business. 

It is a highly prized profession and its high remuneration varies between €35K and €80K per year. 

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