What is Business intelligence?

Are you passionate about the world of data. Do you like to analyse data? Are you interested in helping with the decision-making process. 

Business intelligence is for you!  

Business intelligence: What is it? 

Business intelligence (BI) is increasingly used by business leaders. This branch of data science helps business leaders make good decisions in areas related to the activities of the business in order to increase their turnover. 

But what exactly is Business Intelligence 

The theoretical foundations of Business Intelligence were laid down by Ralph Kimball, Bill Inmon and Dan Linstedt. 

BI relies on the collection, processing, analysis and modelling of data accumulated by businesses. Its aim is to obtain relevant information and allow business managers to make good decisions (for example, in the area of marketing or in management).  

As a rule, BI can be divided into three stages: 

  • Periodical data extraction 
  • The restructuring of data, in order to present them in a semantic manner 
  • Expert analysis of said data 

Roles in BI

There are numerous and varied roles in BI

  • Business intelligence project manager 
  • Business intelligence consultant 
  • Decision-making consultant 
  • E-business consultant 
  • Data scientist 
  • Business intelligence expert 
  • Business intelligence engineer 
  • Decision-making engineer 

The data analysis requirements of businesses continue to grow. Individuals in business intelligence are in increasing demand. As a result, the remuneration paid to these individuals is high and the sector attracts an ever-growing number of applicants each year. 

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