What is Artificial Intelligence?

Are you intrigued by Artificial Intelligence and want to know more about this new technology? This article is for you! 

Artificial Intelligence is spreading rapidly in many fields. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the source of many conflicting feelings, some fearful and others amazed. 

But what is Artificial Intelligence? 

Definition of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of new technologies. It consists of developing theories and techniques with the aim of developing algorithms capable of simulating human intelligence. 

The aim of Artificial Intelligence is to create machines that can record, learn and analyse data in order to predict events, trends, etc. 

Companies are increasingly using Artificial Intelligence to make predictions about their customers’ behaviours, the evolution of their habits, etc. This allows them to improve their decision-making, their production strategy and thus increase their turnover.  

Among the branches of AI, we find, for example, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning, whose aim is to enable robots to learn autonomously. Automated vehicles are based on these new technologies. 

AI continues to progress and this is not going to stop. More and more sectors are using these new technologies, including health, cybersecurity, finance, industry, etc. 

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is creating new jobs and study paths. 

The new AI jobs 

Among the leading jobs linked to Artificial Intelligence are: AI engineers, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Big Data engineers. 

Their missions consist of processing and analysing data, developing algorithms enabling machines to learn by themselves, and developing databases capable of storing large volumes of data. 

The preferred educational background in order to access these positions are IT, statistics, data science and mathematics. 

The salaries for Artificial Intelligence jobs are high and attract more and more young candidates. 

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