What is a Data Lake?

The world of data science intrigues and attracts you? Discover with us what a data lake is!  

Are you intrigued by the world of data? Would you like to know more about the jobs related to data science and better understand the challenges of these new fields?  

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What is the purpose of a Data Lake? 

Have you ever heard of the “Data Lake”? What does this term mean? 

The Data Lake is a method of storing data. The term was first coined by James Dixon. 

But what is the purpose of a Data Lake?  

Data Lake is the term given to a particular method of storing a large volume of data (Big Data).   

The priority of a Data Lake is to offer a relevant solution to store a large amount of data efficiently and quickly. 

Unlike standard databases, the Data Lake keeps the data in its original format without being modified and transformed. 

In each Data Lake, heterogeneous and varied data are stored. The data is stored in the Data Lake for further processing and analysis by Data Analysts. 

A data lake has the advantage of being extremely flexible: it does not need to adapt the format of the data to be stored in it. 

Each datum is labelled, making it easy to find. 

The establishment of a powerful Data Lake is crucial for businesses. Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science rely on it and depend on its quality. 

Developing a reliable and efficient Data Lake is therefore essential.