Definition of data science

Data Science is a rapidly growing field. Discover in this article what Data Science is!  

Are you interested in the world of Data Science and would you like to better understand the challenges of this new field?  

Data Science is a discipline that enables the analysis of data stored in company databases. It uses computer technologies and statistics to structure the data and thus make it understandable.   

Once data have been analysed, the Data Scientist can advise businesses.  

If you are interested in understanding the world of Data, this article is for you!

Origin of Data Science 

Data science first emerged in the 1990s and 2000s. During this period, several technological revolutions took place: the internet, the rapid development of databases, and the exponential increase in the volume of all types of data

Realising that the accumulated data is a goldmine to be exploited, companies, with the help of scientists and engineers, started to develop techniques, methods and algorithms to explore, analyse and exploit their data in order to structure it into intelligible information. Once organised, this information allows analysts to advise companies on how to make the right decisions. 

A new career has thus emerged: the Data Scientist.

What is Data Science? 

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of study. It is a mix of mathematical and statistical skills, algorithmic IT tools and business knowledge.   

The aim of these skills is to analyse data to help businesses make strategic choices and thus enable them to increase their turnover.   

Platforms such as Facebook, Google, Amazon or Netflix are systematically using Data Science. Their software is based on Machine Learning (link) to study the search and purchase history of their users. By analysing and structuring the data stored in their databases, these companies are able to offer their customers content, publications, products, series, documentaries and films tailored to their interests. 

By manipulating data, Data Science can generate value for companies.

The Data Scientist: data expert 

The Data Scientist is an expert in the world of data. The vast majority of Data Scientists are specialists in statistics, computer science, engineering and business.  

Their rigour and creativity enable them to choose from a large mass of data, those relevant to answer a question or to solve a problem. Thanks to their mathematical and computer skills, they know how to arrange and organise raw data into information that can shed light on a situation. In this way, they are able to provide companies with the best possible advice so that they can make the best decisions. 

In other words, the Data Scientist develops algorithms and uses computer languages such as SQL, Python and R to collect, sort, compare, correlate and present the data visually on different types of graphs. 

Using statistics and linear algebra, the Data Scientist quantifies the data so that it becomes a true source of information. 

The results of these analyses are of great value to businesses, because by aligning their objectives with the advice of the Data Scientist, they significantly boost their growth. 

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