What is a Data Engineer?

Find out in this article about the role of the Data Engineer and the skills required for this increasingly popular job. 

The emergence of Big Data is accompanied by a number of professions whose objectives are to collect, process and analyse data. 

Among these new jobs, the Data Engineer now plays a crucial role for businesses.  

This profession is still little known: What is the role of a data engineer

What is a Data Engineer? 

The Data Engineer is responsible for designing and building the infrastructure in which the data will be stored. 

His job is to develop reliable databases capable of holding large amounts of heterogeneous data and to create efficient processing systems.   

He must ensure that the data reservoirs they create operate correctly. To do this, they will conduct tests on a regular basis. They are also responsible for adapting the data storage structures to changes in data types and developments

To do this, he builds networks, integrates the data and carries out a cleansing process. 

He sets up an information system and networks in which the Data Scientist can easily access and analyse the data.  

Skills required

In order to carry out their mission successfully, he must master programming languages such as SQL, Python, Java, C++, etc. They must be able to design data architectures, have an in-depth knowledge of modelling tools and be familiar with data mining fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

As you can see, by building all the structures on which the other data experts will be able to work, the Data Engineer plays an essential role within any company. 

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