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Data Engineer job description

Do you want to train for a career in data processing? But you don’t know which profession to choose? Find out here about the Data Engineer job. 

Are you passionate about analysis and digital data? You would like to train for these new Big Data jobs, but you lack information on their challenges, their curriculum and their salary. 

You have come to the right place! 

In this article we reveal all the secrets of the Data Engineer’s job. 

The new jobs in Data 

Technological revolutions have enabled the emergence of the internet and new data storage techniques. We are now living in the digital age. These revolutions have resulted in an explosion of digital data volumes within different organisations.   

Business leaders quickly realised that the digital data accumulated in their database contains valuable information. Analysing this data quickly becomes their number one objective. Once processed, the data reveals useful information that can help managers in their decision-making. They can improve their production strategy and see the company’s turnover increase. 

For this purpose, new methods, innovative techniques and revolutionary processes in data management and processing have been developed. They have given rise to new training courses and new professions, including the Data Engineer. 

Data Engineer’s job 

The Data Engineer is responsible for designing and building the hardware and software infrastructures in which the data will be stored. 

Data Engineer’s job is to develop reliable databases capable of holding large amounts of heterogeneous data and to create efficient processing systems.   

Data Engineers must ensure that the data reservoirs they develops work. To do this, they carry out regular tests. They are also responsible for adapting the data storage structures to changes in data types and developments. 

To do this, he builds networks, integrates data and carries out a cleansing process. 

He sets up an information system and networks in which the Data Scientist can easily access and analyse the data. 

Skills required

In order to carry out his mission, he must master programming languages such as SQL, Python, Java, C++ etc. Data Engineers must be able to design complex data structures and architectures, have a thorough knowledge of modelling tools and be familiar with data mining fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Their knowledge of mathematics and modelling techniques should be broad and deep. They should also have management and business skills. 

How to become a Data Engineer? 

Students usually have a computer science or IT background. They see the big picture of a complex information systems but also love coding. A postgraduate degree or professional experience is required. 

Data ScienceTech Institute offers the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for Artificial Intelligence. This programme is offered on a full-time basis, including 9 months of classes and 5 to 6 months of internship. Students can also join the SPOC mode which will allow them to follow the courses at their own pace and online. 

Data Engineering courses are delivered full-time from the Sophia-Antipolis or Paris campuses (5h/day on average) or online. They are delivered in English. 

In the Applied MSc programme, students will learn how to: 

  • Understand, analyse, design, implement, and monitor large IT and big data architecture 
  • Master the most common programming languages to apply machine learning and deep learning 
  • Design and deploy clusters of data and calculations, such as Hadoop and SPARK 
  • Discover DevOps skills and put a framework in place for ongoing integration 

Learn about the Applied MSc in Data Engineering for AI programme. 

The remuneration of the Data Engineer 

Due to the high demand and need of companies for Big Data jobs, salaries in these fields are relatively high. However, different factors such as experience, complexity of the tasks and the responsibilities of the Data Engineer can influence them. 

The salary of a junior Data Engineer is around €3,000 to €3,500 per month. 

After a few years of work, the remuneration of the Data Engineer increases and can reach €5,000 per month, or €60,000 per year. 

For the most experienced Data Engineers, salaries can be as high as €7,000 per month.