data Architect

Data Architect job

Are you passionate about modelling, structuring and implementing data architectures? A career as a Data Architect is for you. 

To better understand the challenges of this new profession, we will to define it in this article. 

What is a Data Architect ?

As a result of the increasing growth in the volume of data collected by various organisations, more and more data-related professions are emerging. 

Data is a real source of value that leads companies to develop data processing skills. 

The Data Architect is one of these new professions. 

He is responsible for developing a structure for data management systems. He or she must design an architecture in which internal and external data will be grouped together and build relational database structures capable of storing data efficiently and securely. These structures must allow for scalability, easy data retrieval and confidentiality.  

The objective of the Data Architect is to ensure the use of meta data as a source of growth for the company by assisting its strategic evolutions.   

They often work in teams of data analysis experts: Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Manager, etc. 

By synchronising data within centralised architectures, the Data Architect organises data so that it is more easily processed. He makes it easier for companies to achieve their goals. 

The main missions

The Data Architect must be able to:  

  • Develop data architecture 
  • Develop data storage infrastructure 
  • Create relational databases 
  • Set up a data dictionary 
  • Design metadata platforms 
  • Ensure the evolution of regulations and standards applicable to data. 

To do this, he must master languages such as SQL, XML and XSLT, perform distributed calculations using MapReduce and process large volumes of complex data, etc. 

The remuneration of a Data Architect is high. This is due to the fact that the skills needed are becoming more and more essential for companies.