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What is a Chief Data Officer?

Do you want to know about the Chief Data Officer and its role? This article is for you. 

Are you interested in the world of data? Are you intrigued by Big Data careerssuch as the Chief Data Officer

Here, we explain who is the Chief Data Officer

Who is the Chief Data Officer?

 Big Data careers are a product of the ever-faster growth in data flows and in the volume of data stored in databases. 

Collecting and analysing data in order to understand them has become the number one priority for businesses and government. Turning data into intelligible and useful information allows the leaders of organisations to make good decisions. 

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) plays an important role: he or she is the leader and person in charge for managing all the data within their business. Their mission is to put in place procedures, methods and techniques for the effective processing of data. 

The CDO is responsible for creating an environment that is suited to Big Data and for choosing the relevant data to analyse. The CDO must ensure the quality and processing of data and prepare reports based on their analyses. 

His main role consists of making the best decisions based on the analysis of data carried out. 

To successfully carry out their mission, the CDO directs and oversees the work of Data AnalystsData Scientists, Data Managers, etc. 

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Skills required

CDO are the mastery of IT tools related to data management and an in-depth knowledge of mathematics applied to Big Data. Their role as a manager means that they must be familiar with management. The CDO must be a good teacher to his team, have communication skills and charisma. He or she must be very familiar with the business, in particular the sector in which their business operates. 

Chief Data Officer earns between 3,500 and 5,000 euros per month.