Jobs and Careers – Information Systems for Big Data

The Information Systems for Big Data Career Track

Wondering which jobs and careers you will have access to by taking our Applied MSc and/or Advanced MSc programmes?
Here are your answers, thanks to our partnership with Couthon Conseil, “the Specialist in Data Jobs”.

Skills Data Analyst Radar

Picture Data Analyst

At the end of the Data value-chain and in collaboration with Data Scientists on technical and scientific dimensions, they focus on exploring and exploiting business-oriented data, out of which they extract relevant KPI. They turn “hard science” into “popular science” for providing readable information to decision-makers, using Data Visualisation tools.

Picture Data Consultant

They are the pivot of interactions between stakeholders of Data projects, from the Big Data Architect to the CDO. They help organisations to define and implement their Data Strategies. Their global knowledge of available tools on the market, their creativity and understanding of business stakes allow them to be a force of innovative propositions.

Skills Data Consultant Radar
Skills Chief Technology Officer Radar

Picture Chief Data Officer

As experienced top-managers and executives, they are in charge of their organisations’ data governance and value-creation. They are the “data guardians” by overseeing their aggregation and industrialisation in order to face all the decisional challenges of their organisations.