Jobs and Careers – Artificial Intelligence for Big Data

The Artificial Intelligence for Big Data Career Track

Wondering which jobs and careers you will have access to by taking our Applied MSc and/or Advanced MSc programmes?
Here are your answers, thanks to our partnership with Couthon Conseil, “the Specialist in Data Jobs”.

Skills Big Data Architect Radar

Picture Big Data Architect

They are experts in IT infrastructures allowing storage, querying and restitution of Big Data. They design and administer Data Centres, in cloud or hybrid modes, using platforms such Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. They work upstream in the data processing chain and are the pillars of all Big Data projects.

Picture Data Scientist

At the very heart of Data projects, they rely on their advanced technical and scientific skills, aided with essential business expertise. They design complex algorithms and/or use all the statistical and mathematical analysis available on the market (SAS, SPSS, R, etc.) in order to extract, analyse and transform data (big or not) into information and actionable knowledge for their organisations.

Skills Data Scientist Radar
Skills Chief Technology Officer Radar

Picture Chief Technology Officer

As experienced top-managers and executives, they are in charge of innovative tools and solutions for their organisations, which they would have instigated. They drive their design, their operationalisation as well as their evolution.