International Students

Studying & Living in France

As an international student, you need to prepare for studying and living in France.
Knowing how to find accommodation, healthcare, social security, visa issues…

Feel Français

In order to offer the best conditions to our students who come to perfect their knowledge and skills in our school, we offer you the services of the Feel Français platform.
Feel Français will help you settle in France thanks to the many services available on the platform.

Support in completing administrative procedures: administrative formalities have always been a source of frustration for students. Feel Français, therefore, offers online services such as visa applications, opening a bank account, finding and renting a flat, subscriptions, joining the CAF, a mutual insurance company or social security…

As soon as you are admitted, you will receive your login and password to connect to the platform, create your profile and access the following list of services:

Before your arrival in France:

– Process for your VISA application

– Find accommodation

– Opening a French bank account

– Subscribe to a mobile phone plan

– Subscribe to a home insurance

– Buy the CVEC student tax

– Public transportation card subscription

Once you set foot in France:

– Enroll in la CAF (housing allowance from the French state)

– Visa validation (this is the second mandatory step once you’re in France to validate your student visa)

– Subscribe to electricity for your accommodation

– Subscribe to the public French health insurance

Learn French

French for beginners:

DSTI offers 12 hours of French classes for all international students (except for continuous education). Classes are given in 2-hour weekly sessions.

The objective is to learn basic vocabulary and grammar to help prepare learning for the A1 level. During this class you will learn about:
– Greetings and introducing yourself
– Numbers and time
– Basic phonetics
– Pronouns
– Regular verbs using Present

The Student Life and Campus Services Fee (CVEC)

The Student Life and Campus Services Fee (CVEC) was instituted by the French ORE (Student Orientation and Achievement ) law of March 8th 2018. 

The CVEC fee is designed to help fund:

  • Student orientation and integration (social, healthcare, arts & culture, sports)
  • Student health information, education, and awareness initiatives

All students who are enrolled at a university-level institution in full-time or apprenticeship programs must pay the 95 € annual CVEC.

All full-time and apprenticeship students will get an email to tell them when they should pay the CVEC, in order to be in the right academic year. It can be right before the start or during the programme, depending on their cohort.

Students do not have to pay the fee (qualify for a fee waiver) if they are:

-Beneficiaries of a CROUS

– A Refugee or Asylum SeekerThe CVEC does not apply to Executive Education students.

How to pay the CVEC?

The CVEC is a national fee that is paid via a French government platform and NOT to the institution in which you are enrolled.

If you are subject to the 95 € CVEC, you can pay the fee:

-By credit or debit card via MesServices.Etudiant.gouv.fr


– In cash at the French Post Office

If you qualify for a CVEC waiver (see above), you are required to declare your status by registering with
the CROUS de Paris via the MesServices.Etudiant.gouv.fr website.

More information about the CVEC here

Living Expenses

* Please note that it is only an estimation to help you evaluate the cost of living in Sophia-Antipolis and Paris.

Visa procedure

Please be aware about the formalities for studying in France before your departure.

  • For EU nationals, make sure that you carry valid ID card and papers with you at all times during your stay.
  • For non-EU nationals, make sure you carry a valid passport at all times.
  • Non-EU student visa, long-stay visa or Type “D” “Student” visa (Student visa can be obtained from the French Consulate or Embassy in your country).

More information about formalities for studying in France here.

Healthcare and social security in France

The French Government requires all intenational students to be covered by health insurance (public or private). There are various health care programs as it is mandatory that residents and international guests to be covered. Therefore, we advise you to apply for a plan before you arrive in France.

In order to be eligible for the French health insurance, students must be:
  • Under the age of 28 by October 1st of the current University year
  • Enrolled on a degree program for a period of 4 months or longer
  • Have a home country that is outside of the European Union or Switzerland
More information regarding the healthcare in France here.