International Partnership Programme

We are glad to announce the partnership between Insight360, UAE and Data Science and Technology Institute (DSTI), France. This “alliance” through which Insight360 will continue its innovative position to customers, and DSTI will be the mainstay of research and development that underpin and enrich Insight360’s solutions.

In today’s world creation needs collaboration. At insight360 and Data ScienceTech Institute (DSTI) we firmly believe that collaborations between companies and Higher Education are critical drivers of the innovation economy.

In the business and the education worlds gaps exist in all shapes, sizes and forms. Insight360 and DSTI demonstrate the model of working narrowing these gaps. Our joint mission is to bridge the gap between strategy and IT following a clear and unique recipe: combine cutting edge knowledge in applied mathematics with latest algorithms in machine learning algorithms, both guided by cutting-edge applied research knowledge on issue at hand.

Our world is changing every day, and the human knowledge is doubling every 12 hours. There is no time where taking our decisions based on data & facts has been more crucial to our organisations and societies. Enabling our customers and equip them with smart decision support systems and empowering them with the knowledge of the latest theories of data and decision sciences is our mission statement. Therefore, we have launched this professional training programme on Decision Science Program to educate decisions-makers on the necessary tools available today. The unique value is in the knowledge of which tools from decision science mostly relevant and beneficial to Middle East businesses today and tomorrow.

The history has shown that academic institutes can provide the earliest look at where the next big idea will come from. Insight360 and DSTI leadership teams believe that companies who are aligned with early stage researches see early signals of what’s going to be the next big innovation. We are confident that this partnership will bring us closer to achieve our vision and help our customers achieve theirs.

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