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Initial Education - Current Students

DSTI Applied Bachelor and Applied MSc Programmes - Fulltime

Initial Education - Fulltime Mode

Initial Education - Fulltime Mode

Perfectly suited for students in initial education, the fulltime mode immerses you completely in the world of data sciences and AI. Available for our Bachelor and MSc programmes, you can choose between an “on-campus” mode, at our Nice Sophia-Antipolis and Paris campuses, or “off-campus” (online), in real time, from any location with a compatible time zone. Our direction of studies team provides regular and personalised follow-up on your progress.

Furthermore, this mode of study includes internships at the end of the year or programme, allowing you to gain valuable practical experience in addition to your theoretical knowledge.

By choosing the fulltime mode, you immerse yourself in the DSTI ecosystem, regularly interacting with our dedicated faculty and classmates, thereby fostering a rich and collaborative learning experience. Thanks to this intensive pathway, you will be fully prepared to tackle the challenges of the data sciences and AI fields upon graduation.

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DSTI Applied Bachelor Student

Applied Bachelor 3-year Programme – Fulltime Mode

DSTI Applied Bachelor Student

Applied Bachelor 3-year Programme – Fulltime Mode

In the first year of our Applied Bachelor in Data & Cloud Engineering programme, students dive head-first into computer engineering and information systems concepts and technologies for “data & IA” applications. In a full-time classroom environment, you’ll explore foundational principles and gain a solid grounding in your chosen field. The year culminates with an eight-week internship, providing a practical taste of the industry and an opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge.

In your second year, flexibility is key. You have the option* to continue in full-time mode or transition to our apprenticeship mode. Should you choose to continue full-time, another eight-week internship concludes the second year, further enriching your practical experience in data science and AI.
* DSTI Direction of Studies will assess the readiness of students wanting to start an apprenticeship, with respect to academic results and the necessary maturity level for joining a company.

The final year of the Applied Bachelor programme is designed with a hands-on approach in mind and is exclusively conducted in apprenticeship mode. This allows you to master your skills while gaining valuable work experience in the field.

DSTI Initial Education Fulltime Masters Students

Applied MSc 2-year Programmes – Fulltime Mode

DSTI Initial Education Fulltime Masters Students

Applied MSc 2-year Programmes – Fulltime Mode

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of data science with DSTI Applied MSc programmes. Available in Data Science & AI, Data Engineering for AI, and Data Analytics, these two-year full-time programmes empower you with a deep understanding of data science principles and practical technological skills necessary for a successful career in the field.

In the first year, you’ll deeply engage with your chosen specialisation, mastering both the scientific theories and technical tools integral to data science. An optional internship provides an opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge in real-world settings, allowing you to gain practical experience in the industry.

The second year further expands your scientific understanding and technical prowess, culminating in a mandatory six-month internship. This hands-on experience in the industry not only reinforces the skills you’ve acquired but also provides valuable exposure to the professional landscape of data science.

Whether you’re learning on-campus or off-campus (online in a compatible time zone), our Applied MSc programmes ensure active, real-time participation in classes. This allows you to interact with our esteemed faculty and diverse student body, whether you’re studying in Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Paris, or anywhere in the world. With DSTI’s Applied MSc programmes in fulltime mode, you’re set to embrace a globally recognised Masters’ level education, tailored to your lifestyle and aspirations.

On-Campus Fulltime Studies

Dive headfirst into the dynamic world of DSTI by enrolling in our on-campus study mode. Experience the buzz of our Nice Sophia-Antipolis or Paris campuses, where you’ll attend scheduled classes while simultaneously interacting with our faculty and an international student community, both in-person and virtually. This creates a truly hybrid learning environment that merges the best of physical and digital interactions.

From dynamic group projects to lively debates, workshops, and events, our on-campus experience encourages collaboration and inspires innovative thinking. The blending of on-campus and off-campus students enriches these interactions, bringing diverse perspectives to classroom discussions and group activities.

Immerse yourself in a learning community where technology meets human connection, cultivating a unique sense of camaraderie and mutual growth. Here, at DSTI, you’re not just studying data and AI; you’re living it, surrounded by cutting-edge facilities and like-minded individuals who share your passion.

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Off-Campus Fulltime Studies

DSTI pioneers in immersive hybrid learning, thanks to our state-of-the-art HD telepresence technology at both campuses. We are experts in seamlessly blending on-campus and off-campus education.

Our cutting-edge platform enables remote students to experience the dynamic, interactive, real-time classes as if they were on-campus. This live learning experience extends to all our programmes (except the 1st year in Bachelor, on-campus only), providing optimal accessibility, engagement, and flexibility for our diverse global community.