DSTI @ Paris – Our Campus


In the heart of French higher Education

Our campus is located in the Ve district, which include « La Sorbonne », the « École Normale Supérieure » and many more prestigious french schools and universities.

As a student if you want:

  • To Eat: You can find a large variety of food only 2 minutes walk away from the institute from all over the world and for all budgets. French food (obviously), Italien (great pizzas!), Vietnamese, Indians (very good), Japanese (real meals, not only Sushi!) etc. You also can get a descent meal for 2€ (in Picard) 300 meters from the institute. You also have the one of the oldest street in Paris, the Rue Mouffetard, an amazing street rich with French food! CROUS
  • To discover Paris: If after a difficult day of study you want to go for a walk to discover Paris, you will find 10 minutes away, La Sorbonne, Le Panthéon, the « Jardin des Plantes », the « Jardin du Luxembourg » and much more! Also if you feel like taking our wonderful-and-almost-always-working metro system, you are about 35 minutes away from everything in Paris!
  • To Open a French bank account: About 3 different banks are around the institute which can be practical for foreign students.
  • To Chill after classes: There is no time, homework will always be the last thing you will do before going to sleep! However if you still find some time (after the Law class for instance) you will have find many lively students places and meet people from all around the world! (But don’t forget, homework first!)

Where to live?

50 minutes away from DSTI Paris Campus

On this map, the red zone represent places 45 minutes away from the institute by public transport

DSTI as one!

DSTI as one

Our two campuses are virtually connected and classes are given to both campuses simultaneously! DSTI is a one big family, regardless the country from where you follow the course! Here you can see the two campuses.

DSTI down the street!

DSTI is down the street

One of the oldest street in Paris, the famous « Rue Mouffetard », DSTI is just 200 meters from that picture!