DSTI Student Testimonial by Nehmy Forbin

Every year, DSTI trains students to become data science and big data specialists. This testimonial will give you a better understanding of what we can provide to your profesional career. Read what current students and alumni have to say about their experience at DSTI.

Nehmy Forbin

Autumn 2017 cohort
On-Campus student

Nehmy- DSTI - Testimonial
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Explain your background before DSTI.

I was a former Lieutenant in the French Air Force. I was in charge of all forecasting for all French aircrafts.

testimonial dsti

Where do you work now?

I am doing my internship in an information system consulting firm. We develop the information systems of human resources for some companies. Our customers ask to add Big Data offers in their systems. However, like a lot of other companies, our company currently doesn’t know how to do it,. Therefore, my purpose is to find some ways to use big data techniques and to get some insights.

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Why did you choose DSTI?

To improve my model to forecast the maintenance of aircrafts and to discover the world of machine learning and data science. And I had an opportunity to do this course in these fields so why not study at DSTI Paris!

testimonial dsti

What are the strenghts of DSTI?

  • Motivation: DSTI accepts students according to their motivation and not only because of their background.
  • International environment: At DSTI, we meet a lot of nationalities and this helps us to develop ourselves in the data science field and to exchange with everyone.
  • Real projects: We worked with a big French bank. This allowed us to apply and improve what we learned throughout the year on a real professional case.
testimonial dsti

What’s your biggest accomplishment at DSTI?

To be able to talk about probabilities and statistics to beginners. I want to make this field easier for others to understand.

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Describe your experience at DSTI in 3 words.

I prefer to use a sentence to describe DSTI: “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

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How do you see yourself in few years?

First of all, I would like to be hired by the company where I’m doing my internship. Then, in a few years from now, and when I will have gained a lot of experience, I wish to become an independent Big Data consultant.

testimonial dsti

What would you like to say to future students?

The advice I would like to give to future students is to work in team because it is very important to increase your level in Data Science fast.