DSTI Student Testimonial by Henry Mazhokota

Every year, DSTI trains students to become data science and big data specialists. This testimonial will give you a better understanding of what we can provide to your profesional career. Read what current students and alumni have to say about their experience at DSTI.

Henry Mazhokota

Spring 2016 cohort
Off-Campus student

Henry DSTI
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Where do you work now?

I was working at Tecel Zimbabwe, the third largest telecoms company in Zimbabwe, when I enrolled at DSTI. At Telecel, I was a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence specialist where I developed a data warehouse and reporting platform for the company.  Just after doing a few courses at DSTI, I started implementing predictive analytics system for the company. An outstanding achievement I did was to develop a customer churn prediction model which calculated the likelihood that a customer switches to another network so that the business could take action before they lose them. After six months of study at DSTI, I got another job at Steward Bank as a Data Science Engineer. Thanks to DSTI degree I put it on my CV! At Steward Bank, I am responsible for product development using machine learning models, developing customer relationship management models, predictive and big data analytics.

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Why did you choose the Applied MSc in Data Science at DSTI?

It all started when I thought about doing an online degree in Data Science. I started searching on Internet and found many programs from different institutions, but they were very expensive and some of them were too theoretical. I kept on searching till I found DSTI on KD nuggets. The fees were affordable and the syllabus covered all the technologies that I was looking for,. For example, SAS, Microsoft, Oracle, Spark, Matlab, AWS and Hadoop.

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What was your biggest takeaway from the program?

At DSTI, I learned top of the art Big Data tools that include AWS, Hadoop, Apache Spark and SAS. Through the lessons I did at DSTI, I managed to write my AWS certification and I am now AWS Solutions Architect certified. We also got a bonus course on Social Network Analysis in the Telecoms Industry using SAS.

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What is the strength of DSTI?


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Describe your experience at DSTI in 3 words.

Adventurous, collaborative and exciting.

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How do you see yourself in few years?

First of all, I would like to be hired by the company where I’m doing my internship. Then, in a few years from now, and when I will have gained a lot of experience, I wish to become an independent Big Data consultant.

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How would you describe the value of the program to someone who is considering it?

If you want an affordable, flexible and well-structured hands on MSc Degree in Data Science, DSTI is the best and you are guaranteed to get a job even before completing it.

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What are the biggest challenges you’re facing, and how has DSTI helped you tackle them?

DSTI staff is a loving family. Due to liquidity crisis in Zimbabwe, we had serious cash challenges in such a way that we could not pay our fees in time, but the team understood our situation and allowed to do a payment plan.

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Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience?

I am planning to start the Advanced MSc in Advanced Artificial Intelligence at DSTI again. I still need some more machine learning models from Dr Christine Malot!