65 intensive hours for a computer refresher course for data careers.

for Data

DSTI Applied Data Camp: Update Your Skills and Transform Your Career.

Give your career a new momentum with the “DSTI Applied Data Camp”, an intensive computer refresher course designed for the future professionals in the field of data. This exceptional 65-hour training is the ideal springboard for acquiring and refining your IT skills for data careers.

The “DSTI Applied Data Camp” is your opportunity to fill the gaps in your computer knowledge, improve your data acuity, and position yourself as a candidate of choice in the current digital landscape. The world is evolving at a breakneck pace, don’t let obsolete skills hinder your career path.

Our training program is carefully structured to provide a solid and comprehensive understanding of contemporary IT technologies and the fundamental principles of data science. It covers a variety of key topics, including Python and R programming, as well as information system architecture and the basics of networking.

One of the highlights of the “DSTI Applied Data Camp” is its immersive pedagogical approach. Every hour of training is maximized to ensure rich and concise learning. We firmly believe in learning by doing and promote active involvement of participants through real case studies, simulations, group projects, and interactive exercises.

Furthermore, we have assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are at the forefront of their respective fields. They will be dedicated to your success, guiding you at every step of the learning process and providing ongoing support to help you master the concepts and techniques.

In short, the “DSTI Applied Data Camp” is more than just a refresher course. It’s a thoughtful and well-structured learning journey designed to enrich your existing knowledge and help you navigate more effectively in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Join us to discover and understand the nuances of modern computing and data science, and take one more step towards achieving your professional goals.

9 Octobre au 27 Octobre 2023
75 heures
On Campus or Online


Get you up to speed on skills required to start leveraging! These preparatory courses are an entire part of our programmes and is “must” to start your journey in the best possible way.

Applied mathematics & data structures

  • Mathematic fundamentals review, data structures for algorithmics on Python Modeling elements
    (all pre-calculus level)
  • Data Structures for algorithmics: a benchmark on Python & R
  • Design structures for fitting well known libraries (glmnet, xgboost, sci-kit learn)
30 hours

Introduction to IT systems

  • Fundamentals of Computer Architecture & Operating Systems
15 hours

Introduction to networks

  • Fundamentals of packet networking, routing networks layers, protocols, address spaces and associated service with TCP/IP
5 hours

Introduction to computer science

  • Fundamentals of programming
5 hours

Computer systems

  • Introduction to OS architecture
  • Introduction to DOS/Power shell command
  • Introduction to bash command /scripting
  • Use case on a Linux web server
10 hours