Data Engineer vs Data Scientist

by Sébastien Corniglion, CEO of DSTI

This article, published on KDnuggets, explores the differences between Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

Years after founding DSTI, Sébastien Corniglion (CEO), realised that there are two kinds of population: data scientists trying to avoid IT, and data engineers trying to avoid mathematics. Preferences are clearly distinguished.

Before reading the following dialogues, it can be guaranteed that although anonymised, every one of these small “scenes” have happened in the last three years. They have in fact happened many times, on a daily basis, with most of the brilliant people I come across as applicants, students and alumni!

Sébastien explains how data scientists and data engineers harmonise and coexist. He points the fact that there is a real need of IT infrastructures for Data Science. Distinct human resources policies on which skills are needed today need to be set up.

Read the full article here.

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