The Student Life and Campus Services Fee (CVEC)

The Student Life and Campus Services Fee (CVEC) was instituted by the French ORE (Student Orientation and Achievement ) law of March 8th 2018. It will apply beginning with the 2018-2019 academic year.

The CVEC fee is designed to help fund:
– Student orientation and integration (social, healthcare, arts & culture, sports)
– Student health information, education, and awareness initiatives

All students who are enrolled at a university-level institution in full-time or apprenticeship programs must pay the €90 annual CVEC.

Students do not have to pay the fee (qualify for a fee waiver) if they are:
– Beneficiaries of a CROUS
– A Refugee or Asylum Seeker

The CVEC does not apply to Executive Education students.

How to pay the CVEC?

The CVEC is a national fee that is paid via a French government platform and NOT to the institution in which you are enrolled.
All full-time and apprenticeship students must pay their CVEC before registering for classes.

If you are subject to the €90 CVEC, you can pay the fee:
– By credit or debit card via the website (the web platform
will open for business on July 1st 2018)
– In cash at the French Post Office

If you qualify for a CVEC waiver (see above), you are required to declare your status by registering with
the CROUS de Paris via the website.

More information about the CVEC here