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Monthly intakes
Personalised & asynchronous mode
3 milestones with no time constraints

Designed for working professionals

The self-paced online course includes monthly intakes giving you the opportunity to decide when you want to start the programme on a schedule that suits you. 

The SPOC mode is designed for working individuals who cannot afford to suspend their jobs but still show a strong commitment to acquiring new skills and further their careers. Aspiring Data Analyst, Data Scientists and Data Engineers will be able to acquire advanced competencies and make strategic data-driven decisions.

DSTI Continuing Education Blended Learning Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC)

Blended Learning Mode – Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) Pace (flexible duration)

DSTI Continuing Education Blended Learning Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC)

Blended Learning Mode – Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) Pace (flexible duration)

Are you a working professional seeking to enhance your expertise in data science and AI but unable to commit to traditional study schedules?

DSTI’s Self-Paced Online Course (SPOC) pace within the Blended Learning mode is designed precisely for you, allowing you to study at your own rhythm while balancing your educational journey and professional commitments.

All our Applied MSc programmesData Science & AI, Data Engineering for AI, and Data Analytics – are open to this mode & pace, ensuring you gain the advanced knowledge you need, in your own time.

One of the unique aspects of the SPOC pace at DSTI is the format of our class recordings. Rather than featuring a lone professor lecturing to a camera, our class recordings capture real-time classroom interactions in Full HD, including discussions and questions from live students. This vibrant approach brings the classroom to life, providing a dynamic, interactive learning experience, even in an asynchronous mode.

Moreover, all SPOC students have the opportunity to join live classes, depending on their availability and the live class schedules. They can also participate in support sessions and any DSTI event, ensuring they remain an integral part of our vibrant academic community.

To further foster this sense of community, we organise a quarterly SPOC meeting where all SPOC students are invited to share their experiences, tips, and insights. This collaborative environment is not just enriching, but also greatly beneficial for networking and shared learning.

Our SPOC students are a cherished part of what we fondly call the “third campus” of DSTI. With nearly 150 working professionals currently enrolled and around 25 graduates who have significantly boosted their careers, the SPOC pace is a testament to the flexibility, inclusivity, and effectiveness of DSTI’s approach to learning.

In the SPOC pace, our dedicated Direction of Studies team creates individualised learning paths for each student. These paths not only manage courses’ dependencies within each programme but also cater to each student’s immediate professional needs, delivering the most relevant skills at the right time.

This personalised approach ensures that our SPOC students receive an education that is tailored to their specific circumstancesAnd these learning paths are dynamic, constantly evaluated and adjusted to meet shifting professional environments or personal goals.

In the SPOC pace, your career progression doesn’t need to be put on hold. Upskill while continuing to excel in your current role and become an even greater asset to your organisation.

Join our successful students & graduates and propel your career to new heights with DSTI’s innovative SPOC pace.

Progression in 3 steps

The programme is divided into 3 milestones with no time constraints, so you will be able to complete the modules according to your availability.
The content of the three modules is the same for all students.

The approach is simple: each of the 3 steps represents a set of modules to be completed in order to move on to the next.  

A personalised learning experience

At the beginning of your educational journey with DSTI, you will have an interview with our direction of studies officers to help you design your own path according to your goals, constraints and questions, including choosing between the Data Analytics, Data Engineering or Data Science & AI programme. The latter should never be a point of stress, as the two programmes have got a common set of courses, hence the specialisation choice can be made after the start of your journey.

1. The learning plan is constructed and followed according to courses’ pre-requisite dependencies.

2. SPOC students follow one course at a time from their learning plan.

3. The next course is unlocked by submission of the current course assessment.

The learning plan is reviewed every month by the Direction of Studies in case important adjustments may be needed.

Key benefits of the SPOC mode

• Develop new competencies through a personalised learning path to achieve your professional goals.

• Study flexibly and at your own pace – students can follow the online classes whenever they want and wherever they are, while keeping their job.

• Ability to join live classes – students can plan their availability to take part in live classes and interact with their Professors and classmates, notably for the most challenging courses.

• Full access to the learning materials.

• One-to-One, personnalised support from Direction of Studies Officer.

An advantageous payment schedule.

SPOC students also have specific means of communication with DSTI:

1.  A monthly “catch-up & progression” appointment with our direction of studies officers, tailored to rematerialise a live social bond.

2. A dedicated instant messaging channel with the Direction of Studies, allowing us to collect questions for Professors and to closely follow their progression.

Your learning path: earn a degree

Graduation requires complete fulfilment of the evaluation process as per the full-time programmes. Students will be given the evaluation and submission guidelines of the next upcoming cohort so that they can plan in advance their preparation and assessment submission strategy.