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DSTI Applied MSc Programmes - Blended Learning - Accelerated Pace

DSTI Blended Learning Accelerated Pace

Blended Learning Mode – Accelerated Pace (9-month programmes)

DSTI Blended Learning Accelerated Pace

Blended Learning Mode – Accelerated Pace (9-month programmes)

Unleash your potential and fast-track your journey into the world of data science and AI with DSTI’s Blended LearningAccelerated Pace.

This intensive path is thoughtfully designed to compact our Applied MSc programmesData Science & AI, Data Engineering for AI, and Data Analytics – into nine months of immersive, high-impact classes.

The Accelerated Pace represents a challenge, inviting you to immerse yourself in rigorous studies, delve into complex data science and AI topics, and apply industry-leading tools and techniques.

This journey requires a profound commitment and an intense desire to learn, grow, and succeed. But with dedication, this mode offers an unrivalled opportunity to swiftly acquire a comprehensive skill set in data science and AI.

The Accelerated Pace is at the heart of running DSTI Applied MSc programmes. Its requirements infuse through all the other “live” study modes, which derive from it and share the same high-quality curriculum, expert instruction, and valuable practical experience.

The Accelerated Pace concludes with a six-month mandatory internship or equivalent full-time employment. This invaluable phase allows you to apply your newly gained knowledge and skills in a professional context, further bolstering your readiness for a thriving career.

Our hundreds of successful graduates are a testament not only to the effectiveness and quality of our programmes, but also to their relentless commitment and effort.Their success is a shared achievement – a testament to the strong partnership between DSTI’s dedicated faculty, direction of studies and our hard-working students.

So, are you ready for the challenge? With the Blended Learning Mode – Accelerated Pace at DSTI, you can fast-track your way into a rewarding career in data science and AI, joining the ranks of our successful alumni.

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On-Campus Blended Learning - Accelerated Studies

Dive headfirst into the dynamic world of DSTI by enrolling in our on-campus study mode. Experience the buzz of our Nice Sophia-Antipolis or Paris campuses, where you’ll attend scheduled classes while simultaneously interacting with our faculty and an international student community, both in-person and virtually. This creates a truly hybrid learning environment that merges the best of physical and digital interactions.

From dynamic group projects to lively debates, workshops, and events, our on-campus experience encourages collaboration and inspires innovative thinking. The blending of on-campus and off-campus students enriches these interactions, bringing diverse perspectives to classroom discussions and group activities.

Immerse yourself in a learning community where technology meets human connection, cultivating a unique sense of camaraderie and mutual growth. Here, at DSTI, you’re not just studying data and AI; you’re living it, surrounded by cutting-edge facilities and like-minded individuals who share your passion.

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Off-Campus Blended Learning - Accelerated Studies

DSTI pioneers in immersive hybrid learning, thanks to our state-of-the-art HD telepresence technology at both campuses. We are experts in seamlessly blending on-campus and off-campus education.

Our cutting-edge platform enables remote students to experience the dynamic, interactive, real-time classes as if they were on-campus. This live learning experience extends to all our programmes (except the 1st year in Bachelor, on-campus only), providing optimal accessibility, engagement, and flexibility for our diverse global community.