Testimonial – Mohammed, Alumni 2017


Mohammed Ali (DSTI Alumni 2017), is the co-founder of Dainanahan, a research group specialised in the field of drug discovery, to build a group of computational tools that would aid drug researchers and pharmaceutical in their work. These tools are to include exploratory data analysis and data mining facilities as well as predictive analytics. Mohammed has also created a Mo Stock Analysis and Recommendation Tools (MoSART), which is a collection of stock analysis tools so trader can make a decision about certain stock. In this interview, he talks to us about his experience as an online student. Why did you choose to [...]

Testimonial – Mohammed, Alumni 20172019-04-18T15:52:05+00:00

A Testimonial by Vishnu Indramohan


Before joining the Applied MSc in Data Science and AI, Vishnu Indramohan used to be a Fraud Analyst. Today he works at Facebook Dublin as Data Automation Specialist. My journey from Fraud Analyst to Data Specialist would have not been possible without the guidance of the professors, mentors and the Dean of the Data Science Tech University. Coming from a non-statistics background, I was finding it very difficult to follow and catch up with the statistics class, but the support and the freedom given to me to pursue and learn the subjects at my own pace by providing multiple resources and along with [...]

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A Testimonial by Henry Mazhokota


Henry Mazhokota lives in Zimbabwe and decided to follow online the Applied MSc in Data Science. Today, Henry works as a Data Science Engineer at Steward Bank.  What is exactly your job at Steward Bank? I am in charge of product development using machine learning models, developing customer relationship management models, prdictive and big data analytics. What was your biggest takeaway from the program? At DSTI, I learned top of the art Big Data tools that include AWS, Hadoop, Apache Spark and SAS. Through the classes, I managed to write my AWS certification [...]

A Testimonial by Henry Mazhokota2019-01-04T15:01:29+00:00

A Testimonial by David Tribble


David Tribble is a former student from the Autumn 2016 cohort. After gathering years work experience in Telecommunications Management and Engineering, he decided to go back to school and acquire skills in Data Science. What compelled you to return to school after many years? I am a Californian, which means that I am the product of a culture that is constantly changing, reinventing itself, producing innovation and change with reckless disregard to conservative ideas like age. It is very common in California to return to school for a Master’s Degree or even PhD [...]

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Interview with Nehmy Forbin – Former captain in the French Air Force


Nehmy Forbin is a former student from the Autumn 2017 cohort. Before joining DSTI, he served as captain in the French Air Force and was in charge of all forecasting for French aircrafts. Nehmy shares his experience at DSTI. Tell us about your current internship. I am currently doing my internship in an information system consulting firm. We develop the information systems of human resources for some companies and our customers ask to add Big Data offers in their systems. Therefore, my job is to find some ways to use big data techniques [...]

Interview with Nehmy Forbin – Former captain in the French Air Force2019-01-22T11:36:42+00:00

A Testimonial by Nicolas Aguirre Dobernack


Nicolas is a former online student from the Spring 2017 cohort. He graduated from the Applied MSc in Data Science programme. I would like to start this essay by providing a small context of my background, my studies and my current work as well as how my studies in DSTI have driven an excellent career path for me. I always had passion for new technologies. I studied a superior degree in Telecommunications engineering in Spain, after which I completed an MSc in Electronic engineering. My final MSc project at [...]

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